Rippingtons Interview and Review

cover to Modern Art recording by Rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman
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cover to Modern Art recording by Rippingtons featuring Russ FreemanShannon West recently interviewed Rippingtons main man Russ Freeman at the SmoothViews site. Check out Freeman’s thoughts on composing, painting, balancing new songs with the classics when touring, what may be his favorite saxophone performance on a Rippingtons recording, and more. Shannon also reviewed the new Rippingtons recording Modern Art, saying “these are tight, short, melodic songs that give the musicians a lot of room to breathe and take some fascinating twists and turns along the way.”

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2 responses to “Rippingtons Interview and Review”

  1. Jan Everton Avatar
    Jan Everton

    The ripppingtons are the best smooth jazz artists. You should listen to “Topaz”, it’s one of their best albums.

  2. Anne Avatar

    I was surprised by Shannon’s review. We always seemed to be kindred spirits as far as musical tastes go but I though this was The Rippington’s least inspired and most downright boring CD ever, and I’m a fan.

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