Paul Brown & Marc Antoine

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Contemporary jazz guitar collaborations between label mates have resulted in some memorable recordings over the history of the genre. The first ones that pop in my head are George Benson and Earl Klugh (Collaboration on Warner Bros.) and Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton (Larry & Lee on GRP). Peak Records joins in on the tradition with Paul Brown and Marc Antoine. Their new release is ForeignXchange. Brown was the go-to producer for smooth jazz for a long time before starting a solo career. Antoine has had a notable smooth jazz career for over 15 years. I’ve heard his beautiful “Storytime” (from Urban Gypsy, one of his first releases) on a PBS Kids sponsor message a number of times.

The recording has guest performances from Philippe Saisse, Gregg Karukas, and Jessy J. The more noteworthy tracks I heard had the horn section of Jerry Hey, “Bill Richenback” (though I think the liner notes mean Bill Reichenbach), and Dan Higgins. If I programmed a Sunday Brunch show, I’d be playing “Foreign Exchange.” Worth mentioning is that Brown and Antoine are both listed as writers of each of the ten songs on ForeignXchange.

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  1. Robert Abarca Avatar

    my favorite song of marc antoine is funky picante and favorite song of paul brown is dont let me be lonely tonight.I have never seen either marc antoine or paul brown before and would be completely apreciative of the chance to live out a dream to see them.

  2. Michael Griesmayer Avatar
    Michael Griesmayer

    Hello, my favorite song from Marc Antoine is Panacea from the Hi Lo Split CD.Paul Brown Favorite is Winelight.The New cd Foreign Exchange sounds excellent.

  3. Gene Smith Avatar
    Gene Smith

    As a Smooth Jazz guitarist I have to say Marc’s best tune for me is ” Mediterraneo”,,,this style is so Marc Antoine,,incredible playing and lusty sounds of the nylon string send shivers up my back.

    Paul Browns best tune for me is ” The Rhythm Method”,,,,,such classic smooth guitar style,,octave slides that will make you melt.

    I have the new ForeignXchange CD,,,great tunes!

    I haven’t seen either players in concert and it would be such a pleasure and privilage to watch these two master playing together!

    My band mates would be so jealous !

  4. Tiffany Jones Avatar
    Tiffany Jones

    My favorite Paul Brown song is “The Rhythm Method.” I haven’t seen him in concert yet, but would love to see him is San Diego with Marc Antoine (love his music too).

    The Gaslamp Jazz Festival is one of my favorite jazz events of the year and I would love to celebrate my birthday there this year.

  5. Luna Avatar

    My favorite from Marc is Unity and from Paul is the whole White sand cd. I couln’t make it to San Deigo (in NYC) but I would love the cd
    My favorite concert was @ Liberty State Park 2 years ago loved watching Euge Groove teat up the stage and then the all time fav was when George Benson came onstage whew!!!!

    stay blessed

  6. Thomas Grier Avatar
    Thomas Grier

    My favorite Marc Antoine album is Modern Times. Mostly because it has a fresh sound, but still has traces of that latin/bossa feel. My favorite Paul Brown has to be White Sands. This album sounds like all of the albums that he produced for other artists wrapped up into one. I can listen to that one all day. I live in Atlanta so I attend the Atlanta Jazz Festival almost every year. Two years ago I saw Herbie Hancock with my 22 year old son. It was incredible! He had Terri Lynn Carrington on drums and Nathan East on the bass. Love the site and radio station. Thanks John, keep up the great work.

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