What Is Acid Jazz?


The JAZZzology blog asks: “is acid jazz just a name given by a radio disc jockey to promote some readily unidentifiable form of pop music or is it a form of jazz music?” I think it’s the latter – more of a type of fusion but, instead of rock, it blends soul, funk, jazz, and a contemporary sound. If we’re talking about terminology – wasn’t “smooth jazz” just a term invented by a corporation?


  1. Hey John–
    Thanks for posting the link to my blog regarding the debate on “What Is Acid Jazz?” My jazz friends and I are constantly arguing it seems over waht constitutes jazz and its many artistic attributes…I concur with you that Acid Jazz is an actual form of Jazz, as it contains the innovative improvisational element that readily identifies it as a jazz morphology (music “morphed” into a jazz form). Once again, I appreciate you posting a link to my blog JAZZzology and supporting, promoting and sustaining the only true American art form, Jazz! The debate rages on…
    Yours In Jazz,
    –Rick Watters
    Editor Deluxe of JAZZzology
    (now on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/JAZZzology)

  2. It’s been a long discussion. Duke Ellington posed the question, “What is jazz?” long ago. I agree with John and Rick. I think acid jazz is a further refinement of what originally was considered “fusion”, but incorporating more genres. We can be thankful the jazz tent is a big one. Thanks for the music guys – keep up the great work!

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