Jazz writers – damn!

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I’ve seen comments like this a dozen times.  Look at this brief bio of David Benoit you can find on AllMusic and other sites:

One of the more popular performers in the idiom somewhat inaccurately called “contemporary jazz,” David Benoit has mostly performed light melodic background music, what critic Alex Henderson has dubbed “new age with a beat.”

This guy leads off the bio with a tangent about contemporary jazz, immediately forsaking the goal of a bio. It’s hard to respect jazz writers who always slam an iteration of the genre because it’s not to their liking. Pretty sad.

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  1. Peter J Blume Avatar
    Peter J Blume

    Hey John–totally agree with your point here; & David Benoit is easily one of my favorites too.

    …on another (but somewhat similarly relevant) note, don’t know if you saw or not but Larry Rosen (co-founder of the GRP Record Label) died this past week, apparently of brain cancer. For those who don’t know, he had been an incredibly instrumental force (especially from more of the business standpoint) in providing a viable (& even successfully sustainable!) platform for many of the Jazz greats who make this incredible music that we enjoy. He will be greatly missed…

    I would have tried to contact you else-how about it, but i don’t ‘book-face’ or ‘tweet’.

    Keep the faith, & this great music alive; thanks for your site.

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