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Jammin' Jazz text logo - Jazz for the New GenerationI still miss having XM72 – Beyond Jazz on my XM radio (though it lives on as MOJA Radio). One of the most popular shows on that channel was Jammin’ Jazz, a weekly party by Michelle Sammartino featuring groovy jazz, jazzy jambands, and any high-octane jazz Michelle could find. Here’s the message she sent out last week:

Hiya Folks!

Remember me? Your friend in MOJA, Michelle Sammartino! You are getting this email because you were on my mailing list from the old XM days on Beyond Jazz (XM 72) and/or the mailing list for MOJARadio!

And I have some BIG NEWS!!!!

Jammin’ Jazz – Jazz for The New Generation, my long running show, my baby, is back on the airwaves and you can listen in FREE every Wednesday night from 10PM – 12 Midnight CST from wherever you are! If you have web access you can stream it online at WDCB.org, OR if you are in the Chicagoland area you can tune in on 90.9fm WDCB!

The show is better than ever, TWO FULL HOURS of what is new and cool and groovy in Jazz RIGHT THIS MINUTE… Jazz in the Present Tense! Don’t think you are gonna lull yourself to sleep during this show… NO WAY! You remember…. I know ya do… this show is about getting that blood moving!

I am so happy to be back!!! After a six year hiatus from regularly servin’ up the jazzy-funk for ya, I have a lot to share and a ton of artists to turn you on to… so come on and get back on the bus!

Come take a listen at WDCB.org and be sure to say hello on the website at JamminJazz.com! I also have a Facebook page for Jammin’ Jazz and I try my best to do the Twitter dance too….

Here is official press release and more info about the station! Come support Jammin’ Jazz by tuning in and join the party every Wednesday night!!! And a huge thank you to WDCB and the people who brought this show back to life!!!

See ya Wednesday night!

Welcome back, Michelle!

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  1. Mike Avatar

    Beyond Jazz was a musical journey that enhanced life.

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