XM Beyond Jazz To End

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For over six years, I’ve been an XM radio subscriber and fan of XM72 – the Beyond Jazz channel. The primary reason I became a subscriber is the ability to hear music on the radio that I can’t hear in my local market, most notably contemporary jazz and electronica. XM72 music director, Russ Davis, has been consistently kept the station a must-listen for any modern jazz (or MoJa) fan. The balance of classic fusion, acid jazz, new fusion, jazztronica, and other plugged-in jazz is like nothing you can hear in your automobile. I used to post about the thrill I got hearing Liquid Soul, the Solsonics, Marcus Miller, Jamiroquai, and other favorites of mine air on a nationwide channel.

Now, those days are over. XM laid off 80 employees yesterday. Some were on-air personalities, including 50s fan-fave Matt “The Cat” Baldassarri and Soul Street’s Bobby Bennett and Leigh Hamilton. While writing this, I just got an email message from Jammin’ Jazz (a popular show on Beyond Jazz) host Michelle Sammartino. It’s true – Beyond Jazz will be ending in early November. This fits in with the rumor that a XM-Sirius merged single set of channels will be coming in November.

Here’s the message I received from Michelle:

Hiya John,

Unfortunately i was already laid off, and Russ will be gone in early November with the channel. They cut so many people this week in programming alone… it is sad. I am sorry to see the channel going, as you know it was our passion. We are however planning to continue to work together with this music. Whether that is an online radio channel or podcasts or something. Keep checking back here and once we have it done I will post all the info here.

Sad… but one door closes… well you know the rest…


I know I’ll be writing more about this. Right now, though, I’m kind of numb.

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  1. Happy Avatar

    That’s sad news, of course, but presumably they’re just eliminating duplication. How do you feel about the options on Sirius?

  2. John Hilderbrand Avatar

    Last time I checked, they sucked. There was no station that had the wealth of songs and the dedication of Russ Davis. I won’t even consider Sirius for jazz. It’s goodbye satellite radio for me. I can use that extra $13/month anyway.

  3. Michael Griesmayer Avatar
    Michael Griesmayer

    Its to bad they [Sirius] don’t realize how beyond jazz is on the cutting edge of this type of music much like the jazz fusion era of the 1970’s.I will greatly miss beyond jazz and will probably not renew .Another blundering corporate decision.

  4. jason Miles Avatar

    XM Beyond jazz was the shinning light on all radio.It was a station that took chances and that is so important these days.Russ was a great supporter of my CD Global Noize and totally got into what the musical approach was about with no boundries or rules to the music.
    My subscription to XM ends soon and I won’t be renewing.If they don’t gt the importance of a station like Beyond jazz than their musical values differ from mine
    The whole XM platform has changed since I got the service 5 years ago.
    This is a sad scenario
    Peace, jason

  5. […] I blogged about last month, my favorite channel, XM Satellite Radio channel 72 Beyond Jazz, is ending. […]

  6. John Hilderbrand Avatar

    Turns out they didn’t replace Beyond Jazz with a Sirius equivalent. It’s just gone. XM 72 will be The Spa – New Age music later this week. Watercolors (Smooth Jazz) and Real Jazz (Traditional Jazz but should be titled Classic Jazz instead of “Real” Jazz) get to stay. That’s the jazz for you on Sirius XM.

  7. Burman Ayacanno Avatar
    Burman Ayacanno

    Man, I am in disbelief. This is outrageous. I just found out when I switched channels. I get Beyond Jazz on my Direct TV. I was contemplating subscribing XM so I could listen to BJ while on the road, but now XM is worthless. I’m gonna miss you guys. I really hope something works out. Keep us in the loop.

  8. Scott Sawyer Avatar

    Very disappointing, I just now heard the news.

    I released “Go There” in April 2007…Russ Davis received a copy and proceeded to give the album a great deal of airplay, more airplay than I could have ever imagined (and most recently on 11/11).

    For that I will always be grateful.

    THANK YOU Russ Davis and the “Beyond Jazz” staff. I hope you all re-emerge soon, in the meantime all the best to you and yours…Be Well. — SS

  9. Isabel Avatar

    OUTRAGE! I think I will ditch XM now. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do without this station!!! Please advise on a good Internet channel…

  10. Keith Avatar

    I did not know about the change until this morning when I tuned in and heard nothing. It’s my opinion that Sirius doesn’t care for modern jazz. They used to have Planet Jazz and dropped it over a year ago. Planet Jazz was okay but didn’t have the passion that folks like Russ and Michelle put forth in their programming. I’m going to miss Beyond Jazz very much.

  11. Andrew Nelson Avatar
    Andrew Nelson

    The only reason I ever signed up for XM (4 years ago now) was because of XM 72. I was stuck in ChiTown in traffic for 2 weeks in a rental and got totally hooked. I fell in love with Jammin’ Jazz soon after. Michelle was responsible for my addiction to Bonerama, Stanton Moore, Robert Walter, Soulive, Lettuce, Antibalas, Liquid Soul and more. I had looked at Jazz on Sirius and couldn’t stand it. Today when I tried to turn on some groovy jazz on the way to work, I pretty much threw up…..

    Sounds like my iPOD will be getting much more use now. Russ and Michelle, good luck to you, and thanks for the run!

  12. Matt Avatar

    It was so disheartening to turn to channel 72 this morning and hear sounds of the ocean (or whatever Spa is supposed to be). Surely if XM gets enough complaints they will bring it back. Is there already an effort to make this happen???

  13. John Hilderbrand Avatar

    Matt, my heart did sink when I saw Enya on XM72 instead of Ornette.

  14. Eric T Avatar
    Eric T

    Don’t worry. We do have Watercolors. Who doesn’t love Kenny G and other non-offensive music!

  15. Bernie Fab Avatar
    Bernie Fab

    Sirius eliminated their modern jazz station 2 years ago. When I called to complain, they asked me if I had tried their smooth jazz station. I asked the person I spoke to if they actually knew what jazz was.

    I still have Sirius, but my wife has XM and I was hopeful that Beyond Jazz would migrate over to Sirius. I guess not. I’m not sure what they have against modern jazz, but you’d think that if the system can support 3 or 4 hair band/metal stations, they could make room for a jazz channel.

  16. John Hilderbrand Avatar

    Isabel, there are many jazz stations on Live365. Live365 allows anyone to program a station. Those individuals pay a fee and Live365 pays the copyright holders so artists get paid. There is every kind of jazz you can think of. I program ContemporaryJazz.com Radio there, which is heavy on nu jazz/acid jazz. You can get Live365 on the Internet, through your TiVo, and even on your phone, if it has the Windows Mobile operating system.

  17. greg Avatar

    i’m very upset about losing XM72. Russ and Michelle did an incredible job and it was my absolute favorite station. XM isn’t as exciting without it. very upset.

  18. Tommy Avatar

    XM radio dumped Beyond Jazz so I am dumping them. Beyond Jazz was what I listened to most of the time. Real Jazz on ch. 70 is great too but they will not be playing most of the MoJa I like (Garaj Mahal, Stanton Moore, Charlie Hunter, Bill Evans, on and on…). Once again, the forces of mediocrity have prevailed ( XM now has NASCAR races, unbelievable).

    If you want a good laugh, call XM customer service and complain about this, then listen to them read the canned response.

    I am looking forward to MoJaRadio, that Russ and Michelle are putting together


  19. MJ Avatar

    It’s sad and shocking to see Beyond Jazz removed. The quality of the programming and the delivery by Michelle and Russ were second to none. It was fresh, on the edge, entertaining, and informative. I’m looking forward to Beyond Jazz resurfacing in the near future. Thanks for the MOJA.

  20. Scott Niceley Avatar
    Scott Niceley

    Unbelievable! When I talked to Customer Care at XM ,they suggested real Jazz or Watercolors, And I asked if they ever listen to XM Radio.The only reason I havent’ cancelled is I’m having to much fun getting hung up on.I asked what cat-in-a-blender noise coming out of channel 72 is supposed to be..It’s 12:30 pm central and the channel is still electronic crosstalk.I don’t know if complaining is going to do any good, but at least thet know We care!

  21. elliott baker Avatar
    elliott baker

    i hate being like this but to bad you guys at xm are stupid tave 2 howard stern chqannelks a gratefull dead channel instead of modern jazz . i will cancel my subscription 72 was the only real jazz station. I WILL COMPLAIN for all the good it does. every thing else is a bunch of commercial nonsense. football talk radio howard stern how about some real music made by literate musicains not posers xm you suck

  22. Jamie Miernik Avatar
    Jamie Miernik

    I was really bummed this morning on the way to work. They replaced Beyond Jazz, my favorite channel to which my radio is usually tuned for the past 2.5 years, with an “ambient music” channel called “spa”. It’s really sad…

    “Watercolors” just doesn’t do it.

    I probably won’t resubscribe to Sirius XM this year unless there is a modern jazz channel.

    Russ…Where are you???

  23. Tommy Avatar

    FYI- I was given this email address at XM radio as someone who is in a higher management capacity re: programming. I suggest sending him an email re: dropping Beyond Jazz, as I have done.


    may not help, but couldn’t hurt.

    Looks like they also dropped XM Café, which played a lot of acoustic and/or alternative rock and newer, younger music. The writing is on the wall at XM/Sirius.

  24. jeff lesueur Avatar
    jeff lesueur

    +1, Beyond Jazz, Russ and Michelle were a great shot in the arm for progressive and fusion. Russ always picked up new material and answered emails, the music selection was enjoyable and I felt up to date as well. Of all stations to drop I’m shocked, and the least they could have done is retire the number, instead they replace the music with it’s antithesis and name it “SPA”, adding insult to injury.

  25. Aaron Spiegel Avatar
    Aaron Spiegel

    I can’t believe it! I listen(ed) to Beyond Jazz all day in my office. I’ll give XM a couple weeks to come to their senses and then I’m cancelling my subscription!

  26. Bruce Avatar

    I just finished sending an email to XM respectfully stating how I feel about the cutting of Beyond Jazz. I suggest you all do the same. I also suggest that your comments be stated in a respectful manner even though you may be, like me, pretty upset by the stations demise. I also suggest you include any financial comments such as I will/may cancel my subscription , or in my case, since I get my XM through DTV, I will never subscribe to the service without Beyond Jazz.

  27. Brad Harris Avatar
    Brad Harris

    I have sent Mr. Zellner an e-mail stating my disbelief and saddnes of the corporate mistake they have made by dropping Beyond Jazz. The station opened my eyes to a wealth of music I would not have heard otherwise. I am hooked on the music and sad about the demise of a such an entertaining influence. All the best Russ and Michelle and thank-you for so much.

  28. Dan Avatar

    I just found this out today! Instead of listening to beyond jazz in my car, I just got an off air message. This is extremely disappointing. I discovered so much music off that station. I knew this merger would wind up hurting the listeners. 🙁 I’m not at all impressed with Sirius thus far.

  29. Jeff Avatar

    I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. No more “If this is Friday, it must be fusion”. Sigh…

  30. JonSilence Avatar

    November 12, 2008: I tuned in to XM today, like so many others, to be greeted by the cold, hard shock of missing programs. Beyond Jazz was the sole reason I originally subscribed to XM. However, there were times in the past year or so when I felt that Russ Davis was dumbing down what BJ was doing, even to the point that if I’d switch over that moment to Watercolors ‘smooth jazz’ on 71 or Real Jazz on 70, I had a hard time telling the difference. I suspected this was possibly due to Davis getting some pressure to go more mainstream. But those periods seemed to pass and the more progressive stuff could be heard again at times. In the end though, BJ was still a unique channel that provided an avenue to hear the kind of fusion you couldn’t hear anywhere else. Now its going to be narrowed down to mainstream smooth jazz and trad jazz. No more Squarepusher, thats for sure. My family and I also had numerous other favorite programs, many of which are completely gone now, or moved to times when we cannot listen. Because my tastes have always been on the more progressive side of things, I’m not interested in mainstream radio aimed at the masses. No question, I will NOT be renewing my subscription to XM/Sirius. This is one VERY BAD merger IMO.

  31. Gord Brown (Toronto) Avatar
    Gord Brown (Toronto)

    Let me join the lineup (out of XM-land). Like the rest of you, Beyond Jazz was the only reason I subscribed. Take heart though – in addition to the “relaxing” music they’ll be offerring at SPA, there’s now to be an all-Springsteen channel!!? Programming genius abounds. John, I have a wi-fi setup through my (Denon) receiver – can the VIP version of Contemporary Jazz be accessed, without entering passwords etc. (not sure how to do that through the receiver).


  32. Hattie Avatar

    No Beyond Jazz…Beyond Belief!! It was the ONLY station playing in my car for the past three years. Intelligent music for intelligent ears. “Spa”…I can hear that kind of music when I get a massage!

    Let’s hope a thousand phone calls and emails will shake up the powers at Sirius and that they will bring back Russ, Michelle and our beloved station.

  33. John B. Avatar
    John B.

    Wow. I came to XM when Sirius cancelled Planet Jazz, this after 5 years and a steady slide in quality there, including increase in repetitiveness, DJs who knew nothing of what they played, and finally no DJs at all. Then they pulled the plug.

    When I switched to XM, I found that Beyond Jazz, while not perfect, was a quantum leap as far as quality and listening experience. Now this was radio to pay for!

    I just called and cancelled. Unfortunately, this time there is no other satellite service to switch to 🙁 . Oh yeah, I was offered a free 2 months to stay and then a rate cut to like $6/month. No way.

    They are violating their agreement with the SEC. They’re certainly not just eliminating duplication to save money, as they claimed they would. They are heading listeners for the lowest common denominator. Way to go, Mel!

    What a waste of 5 good satellites.

  34. Mbuddha Avatar

    I’m totally pissed about this.

    Beyond Jazz is NOTHING like Watercolors or Real Jazz, the suggested alternatives in the email. They replaced this eclectic mix of funk, contemporary jazz, intelligent electronica, and fusion, interviews with artists, etc, with The Spa – New Age music. Are you f***ing kidding me?

    You know how many current artists received (and deserved) exposure on Beyond Jazz? But it’s ok to devote entire channels to defunct bands like Grateful Dead and Zeppelin?

    This is total bull**** and they need to put that channel back on or I’m canceling.

  35. siriuslypissed Avatar

    I’m strongly considering cancling my subscription now that Beyond Jazz has been cancled. Every new channel seems to be filled with songs I get to hear every day on the normal radio….why pay money to hear that crap?

  36. Jonathan Daniels Avatar
    Jonathan Daniels

    The cancellation of XM72 Beyond Jazz is a tragedy. No other radio station has ever come close to the quality of the programming that Russ Davis and Michelle Sammartino did. Never in one place have I ever heard such astounding and diverse interpretations of the word jazz. Their DJs had real information that I was actually interested in. They played the forefront of the newest boundaries of jazz as well as the older pioneers of fusion. It was truly a study in the evolution of America’s greatest creation.

    I am really looking forward to following Russ and Michelle to see what they will do next. Something has to fill this awful void.

    Good Luck

  37. Dann Avatar

    I am pissed and will likely cancel my XM subscription. Pity!

  38. Peter Avatar

    This made me cry today. Beyond Jazz and Fine Tuning to a lesser extent were reasons to listen to XM. Without warning to eliminate some of the most interesting stations, and the only thing that made it worth paying $20 a month for. They are going to go to chapter 11 if they don’t service the customers they have. Thanks for the tunes Russ and Michelle! You will be missed!

  39. John Hilderbrand Avatar

    Gord, I’m guessing there is a better way than this but you could listen to Live365 like I do in my car. VIP members can download a small program that plays on Windows Mobile devices (or download Kimona Play). Through that you can listen to all Live365 stations, including ContemporaryJazz.com Radio. I plug in a cable from the aux port in my dash to the headphone jack on my Sprint Touch phone. I love it because the display is big so I can see the song and artist, can flip stations with the button, and instantly email the song information.

  40. Greg Johnson Avatar
    Greg Johnson

    Ditto. You just told my story. Beyond Jazz was my favorite station. I also put up with over one hour of commercials on Randi Rhodes’ 3-hour time slot on Air America. I am now getting Randi’s podcast on my iPhone. I will find a jazz podcast and goodbye Sirius/XM.

  41. Michelle Sammartino Avatar

    Hiya Folks, I am truly touched by all your sentiments here and the hundreds and hundreds of emails both Russ and I have received regarding this travesty. It was an incredibly tough couple of months here, knowing that the channel was going but not permitted to say anything. No the powers do not appreciate the true American artform of MOJA… but Russ and I sure do as you all know.

    Please stay tuned… we are working on MOJARadio.com which right now can be reached at RussDavisMOJA.com – a place for all things MOJA.

    Stay tuned… we are not finished yet! And thank you all soooooo much for all the support and the love of this music… there is power in numbers and you all give us the power to move on in our next venture!


  42. Jay Newton Avatar
    Jay Newton

    I was shocked yesterday morning when I tuned to 72 to hear nothing and my preset jump to station 1 with dead air. Like a few other stations I used to love, I found Beyond Jazz to be gone. Like others completely disappointed in the pre-canned “jazz” played on watercolors, etc I am extremely disappointed. Russ and Michelle were so in tune to the real cutting edge jazz scene and always turned me on to new music. So I thank you for your time on the air and truly hope XM/Sirius can rectify this awful mistake.

  43. BillTill Avatar

    First they take away my favorite station, Music Lab (must have been about 2 years ago now) which was the only place to hear progressive rock. My next favorite station was Beyond Jazz – I thought this station would surely be safe with the merger, or at least there would be a Sirius counterpart. But no… like what has already been stated, it’s either Traditional or Smooth jazz. Nothing in between. Are they insane? An all- Bruce Springsteen channel. At least 2 hair metal stations, about 4 classic rock stations, an extreme metal station and a nu-metal station… but no modern jazz/fusion. I think Sirius XM Chill will have some of the electronica missing from BJ (Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, etc) and Jam On will have some of that crossover jazz-rock stuff. But having all that music in one place, along with classic fusion and modern jazz is such a necessity for a true forward thinking jazz head! I sent emails and posted on forums after Music Lab was nixed, and I’m sure this will have the same result… nothing.

  44. Alan Apel Avatar
    Alan Apel

    It is such a shame! Beyond Jazz was the only reason to have XM. Seems Sirius lost Planet Jazz some time ago.
    XM’s customer service is pretty much zero, you cannot get any feeling that your input matters – all comments are answered with a canned paragraph stating “everything worth listening is on XM” I am offended!
    Is any one aware of a petition? was there any market research? I asked why they need 2 Jacuzzi Jazz stations (Spa and Watercolors. No one needs any Kenny G much less more than one outlet. How can this be changed?

    Thanks for letting me vent.


  45. Tommy Avatar

    Ok everyone, here is the guy that we need to flood with emails and express our displeasure with the decision to pull Beyond Jazz from the new channel line-up.

    Scott Greenstein, SIRIUS XM’s President and Chief Content Officer.


  46. Tom Barroso Avatar
    Tom Barroso

    I was absolutely shocked by this turn of events. Like most “Beyond Jazz” was the reason I decided to subscribe to XM Radio. They’ve added insult to injury by replacing a cutting edge radio channel with SPA, a station of canned, elevator, new age crap.

    It appears that the “Real Jazz” station has been dumbed down as well.

    What can we do about this?

  47. Jeff Avatar

    I sent an email to Jon Zellner, this guy is no help. Claimed that there just weren’t enough listeners to justify it, suggested I download the new channel line up and see if there’s not something else I’d like.

    Well, I don’t see Beyond Jazz on there, skippy. You guys just don’t get it…or my money.

  48. Michelle Avatar

    I was leaning towards canceling anyway, and now I certainly will. My boyfriend has Sirius for Howard, but stations like Beyond Jazz, the Cafe, and Fred made me prefer XM enough to keep it in my car. I had seen that Beyond Jazz wouldn’t be part of the Mostly Music package, which seemed ridiculous enough. To find that it was gone altogether was shocking.

  49. Dante Brent Avatar
    Dante Brent

    what the#@!!is the spa if i want to hear ocean sounds i can stick my head in a bucket of water for free bring back back beyond jazz or lose my subscription

  50. Dominick Avatar

    Imagine how I feel…I signed up for Sirius for Howard Stern, but found a great channel in Planet Jazz. Up til that point I thought that real modern jazz – not the “smooth” crap – was gone forever. It was the only music channel I listened to and I was thrilled with it. Sirius dropped it and suggested I try listening to “Spa” or “Jazz Cafe” – obviously they had no clue.

    Fast forward about a year later, the two companies merge and offer selections from each other’s menu. I sold all my Sirius gear at a huge loss and spent over $600 on new XM hardware and subscriptions, add best of Sirius to my subscription and I’m all set. Beyond Jazz was fantastic, and I got to enjoy it for about 4 weeks. Cost me a fortune and I’m right back where I started.

  51. Barbara Avatar

    I cancelled my directv immediately after they went off the air – I have emailed xmradio and lodged my complaints & reasons why! I did’nt know I had it in me! I can’t sleep at night without moja in the background! Everyone should write xmradio – they do respond with “beyond jazz has been retired…” but enough people will let them know – cancel subscriptions folks! – after all – what else do we have to listen to now? I’d rather pay a subscription to Russ & Michelle for what I had on 20 hours a day at least!!!
    Peace all!
    Democracy counts in the corporate world only if it affects their bottom line! Cancel xm & sirius & tell them why!
    To Russ & Michelle – have you considered becoming a nonprofit?
    I LOVE you guys & all the great music you gave us!

  52. Barbara Avatar

    Here is my email to sgreenstein@siriusradio.com

    I have cancelled my directv subscription I had for many years, the ONLY reason I kept it was for BEYOND JAZZ!!!
    I cannot believe you actually thought this was a good corporate move – I have listened to no other xmradio station – I HAVE tried – but this was the only innovative, forward thinking and contemporary jazz station anywhere that let us know whats happening NOW!
    And supporting artists!
    What is WRONG with you?
    Well if I want TV there is DISH network & it is cheaper – I only kept Directv because of Beyond Jazz!
    I just don’t know WHAT to say anymore except satellite radio sucks when it was supposed to open up doors!
    I only hope that you understand the gravity of your mistake and undo this right away!
    Until then, my money goes elsewhere!
    Barbara Salim
    Miami, FL

  53. B-Ruff Avatar

    Oh man… what’s wrong with my XM radio receiver???? Where’s my Beyond Jazz……. Maybe
    I need to reset my receiver click !!!…click ???? Hmm press No to preset. resered fo me No. 1 fav… What the ????? NO Bjazz. Well I what some jazz for my commute… click preset 3 Watercolors…….. not the same..It’s watered down. Hmmmmm Now this changes my choice for my new head unit.. I think I’ll cancel my sub to XM…. Beyond jazz was what I looked forward to. It exposed me to so many artist that I would never have heard otherwise. Not only is this change hurting the fans but I feel for the artist. It’s like loosing a main branch from a tree…their listening tree. GoodBye XM

  54. Kevin Dobo Avatar

    Just found out yesterday when I turned on my XM.. it’s nearly always tuned to 72. I don’t drive very often, so it took awhile to find out.

    In short, I’m pissed. The biggest reason I listen to XM was for Beyond Jazz. The only other channels I listen to are the ones with classic rock and metal. And I can hear that stuff anywhere. FM Radio, my own CDs, it’s everywhere.

    What I don’t understand is how can the two major satellite broadcasters merge and CUT programming?!? Eliminating redundant stations is one thing, but there was nothing like Beyond Jazz!

    If they’re losing money, and have to make cuts, that was the wrong one.. because I’m dropping my subscription. Howard Stern is a tool, he’s always been a tool, and they keep him and drop the best music channel ever. F@#$ ’em.

  55. Mike Billingsley Avatar
    Mike Billingsley

    The same thing happened with Sirius when they dropped Planet Jazz. Instead they offer two offensively generic stations in Spa and Watercolors now. Unreal. Satellite was supposed to be different. It’s pretty awful that you’d have to explain to someone what they have gotten rid of. Unreal. Back to CDs and my iPod.

  56. anna wrobel Avatar
    anna wrobel

    I am canceling my subscription today. I just send them an email telling them that. Here is the idea. DO THE SAME! Let’s organize and vote with our wallets. Maybe when they will loose enough paying customers they will bring that channel back. Anna

  57. Lonnie Avatar

    I am still reeling. I never got into contemporary Jazz until I got XM and stumbled onto 72. Until then, Classic Jazz bored me. and Watercolors has its place– but it isn’t Beyond Jazz.
    I’ll have to listen online– cause I don’t think the Execs at Sirius/XM give a shit what the OLDER subscribers think.
    And it’s stupid in the long run– cause it’s the older subscribers who PAY for this– NOT the kids.

  58. Lance Avatar

    Like many who have already written, it was Beyond Jazz that ultimately drove my decision to choose XM over Sirius. Now its gone, and the acoustic harmony of my home is much the worse. At least the neighbors are spared the spontaneous grooving and gryating they may have seen through the curtains.

    I miss you Michelle!!!!

  59. BillTill Avatar

    FYI: I just heard Herbie Hancock – Chameleon on Jam_On… Maybe they’ll start incorporating more fusion on that station. And I’ve noticed Watercolors is more fusion-y lately when it used to be strictly “smooth”. Small consolation, I know…

  60. Dann Avatar

    Well, I did it! I called up XM to cancel my subscription. I spoke to two people. The first asked me why I wished to cancel. I told her because Beyond Jazz was gone. After I gave her all my account information I was transferred (apparently) to India where I had to repeat everything I had told the first lady. This one then tried the old “why don’t you try Watercolors..” etc. I told her I had that type of programming on (free) FM radio. She offered adding 2 extra free months to my subscription just to give me more time to try the new channel lineup. I told her “no; I am furious; cancel my subscription and turn off my radio immediately”. She then infomed me that my radio would be set to automatically cancel when my subscription expired at the end of March ’09. My advice to exeryone who, like me, kept their XM radio “parked” on channel 72; CALL UP ON CANCEL YOUR XM SUBSCRIPTION. Maybe they will get the hint and bring Beyond Jazz back. If not, it will be their loss; VOTE WITH YOUR FEET!

  61. Frank Avatar

    First they got rid of XM Music Lab, now Beyond Jazz. I’ve got 4 radios and I’m canceling them all. Too bad, but I’ve got the entire Led Zep catalog on my iPod. Don’t need XM for that.

    Pandora radio is pretty good, and if you’ve got an iPhone they’ve got the app, you can pick it up pretty well even in the car. Problem is, it doesn’t have Russ Davis to find the new artists and do the research.

  62. Tommy Avatar

    I triad cancelling ( because of Beyond Jazz being dropped) THREE TIMES last night. Each time I got either an automated attendant or a person, and each time I was sent to another department that was supposed to cancel my sub. All three times I hung on for 15-20 minutes then got disconnected.

    AAAAHHHH I can’t even cancel!!! Now I am doubly pissed.

  63. Jordan Avatar

    Never posted on or read this site before, and only just came across it while searching for “XM beyond jazz canceled.” I am super duper double pissed. Music Lab was my go-to when I first got my radio, now Beyond Jazz gets the same treatment a couple years later. They tell us to listen to Watercolors, the waiting room channel! Give me a break.

    Totally canceling as soon as I get home.

  64. John Hilderbrand Avatar

    Welcome to the site, Jordan!

  65. Frank Avatar

    Just an update, I called XM to cancel and they tried to give me the same run-around, free 2 months, listen to Watercolors, etc. I told them to cancel it now and refund the remainder of my last monthly fee. The XM rep said he couldn’t do that and I said, “fine I’ll just call the FCC”. He immediately back-tracked and said I’d have my refund within 72 hours.

  66. BRUCE M Avatar


  67. Paul Autrey Avatar
    Paul Autrey

    Beyond Jazz was what I listened to about 80% of my time on XM. I rarely played cd’s. I guess it’s back
    to cd listening. I never listen to most of the other
    XM music channels and the same
    goes for local radio stations.
    I’ve listened to the new XM
    lineup and nothing sounds like

  68. thomas Robinson Avatar
    thomas Robinson

    My first taste of modern jazz was in 1971 when a friend of mine (Hugh) and I
    were sifting through promo albums in the college radio station. We were
    listening to Steely Dan long before they became popular and were always on the
    hunt for new talent. Hugh spied an
    interesting looking album with the name Weather Report. Hooked. It was like a
    religious experience. We would learn the names of the performers and look for
    them on other albums. The Mahavishnu Orchestra was such an inspiration for us
    back then. We saw John on two occasions. Nothing like it since can compare.
    We literally wore our albums out. The high notes were gone.

    I moved to Florida years later and could only get occasional soft jazz stations.
    About 5 years ago, I purchased a satellite radio, picking xm without really
    listening to any of the channels. When I punched in xm72, the first song I
    believe was a Baby Buddha Heads tune. I almost slept in the truck. Russ Davis
    was picking out a line of artists that plucked at my heart strings. I couldn’t
    wait for the next selection. There were actually lots of people like me out
    there who were starved for modern jazz. I quickly added a dock for my house and
    my boat. Unfortunately, your average citizen’s ears can’t fathom modern jazz. I
    was forced to play “top tracks” or a country channel when most guests were
    aboard my charter boat. A pair of head phones gave me an audio sanctuary on the
    way back in from fishing every day. Years ago, Russ mentioned that the owners of
    XM knew how many people listened to each channel. I kept mine on 72, 24 hours a
    day worried even back then. I lament like the rest of
    you about the end of Beyond Jazz. Life for me has changed for the worse. My only
    hope is Russ and Michelle will somehow resurrect a way to keep feeding us the
    awesome variety of jazz they put out on #72.

    Thomas Robinson

  69. Tommy Avatar

    Well I finally was able to cancel my account, after 14 calls to XM, and about 12 times that they disconnected ( strangely, after I chose the “cancel subscription” option).

    As another poster mentioned, if you do cancel, and eventually talk with someone, INSIST that they cancel immediately and send you a refund for the rest of your month, or the will bill you for the entire month’s cycle.

  70. Harold Taylor Avatar
    Harold Taylor

    My letter to Mr. Zellner:

    Dear Mr. Zellner,

    I tune my radio to XM72 in the morning. The other day I wrecked my car because I fell asleep behind the wheel. When I was pulled from the smoking wreckage, I noticed the station ID on my radio said “SPA”. What is this elevator-music intermission and when can we get “Beyond Jazz” back on the air? 🙂

    Best Regards,

  71. Jerry Zeman Avatar
    Jerry Zeman

    I just flipped on CH72 in my vehicle today, which I listened to over 95% of the time. The channel was active last Sunday, and I was listening to the RTF concert.

    I am extremely upset at this change of programming. I have sent an e-mail to XM, and told them if they are not going to reinstitute the “Beyond Jazz” format, I want to cancel both of my XM subscriptions immediately.

  72. Ron Avatar

    What will happen if we — all of us fans of Beyond Jazz — write to the addresses provided in the comments here? What if we also write to the FCC for breach of promises made during the hearing for this merger? Does XM management really realize what they have done?

  73. Bill F. Avatar
    Bill F.


    I was astounded on Nov. 12 when I tuned into XM72, Beyond Jazz to find the Spa. I prompted emailed XM Radio to log my protest, but they have not replied. Thanks to the original poster for listing Michelle S.’s email reply. I hope those two are back on the air somewhere soon.

    I’m bummed,


  74. Rick Sol Avatar
    Rick Sol

    Wow, can’t believe it. As soon as Beyond Jazz went off I began searching the internet to find out why. It was my only reason for hanging on to XM. No Beyond Jazz – no XM. My appreciation to Russ Davis and Michelle Sammartino for outstanding programming. I will really miss Beyond Jazz! XM – What a disappointment. I’m out of there.


  75. Vince Carpenter Avatar
    Vince Carpenter

    Like everyone else, I was shocked and sadden by yesterday’s discovery that Beyond Jazz has left the scene. First the economy sucks and now SiriusXM sucks. What next? Anyway, I emailed a comment to the XM site and I received a reply today from a Jon Zellner @ SiriusXM.

    “Thanks for the e-mail, Vince. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on Beyond Jazz. Like you, I was a fan of the channel. The challenge for us has always been that there is limited room on the network and we had to make some difficult decisions with the merging of the content from Sirius and XM. Beyond Jazz had a loyal but consistently a very small audience. We do plan to carry a modern jazz show on Real Jazz and you can find out more about it by hitting our website. I encourage you to take the time to download our new channel line-up, scroll through the dial and discover some of the new options you have. You may find something new that you like or may have missed in the past. If not, I thank you for your past business. Thanks again for writing. Best regards, Jon”

    So much for the corporate message. I just want my BJ back.

  76. robert smith Avatar
    robert smith

    try aol radio.com. they have a good fusion station.

  77. ed Avatar

    try this station http://www.attentionspanradio.net

    Not as good as BJ but it helps soothe the pain somewhat.How come corporate america only sees quantity instead of quality? Like the above post prove all they worry about is the bottom line. why the heck do they need a 24 hour Jimmy Buffet channel? That guy made a whole career out of one song, how are they going to fill 24 hours with his songs? The dumbing down of society continues Anyway give the above station a listen, they also have it on rhapsody, its higher quality on there

    Its a brave cool world

  78. Jerry Zeman Avatar
    Jerry Zeman

    Finally, on try #2, I was able to cancel my accounts. Of course, you get the “one month free offer, no, make that two months free, do ya REALLY want to cancel, there will be a $15.00 reactivation fee” bullshit.

    This really bums me out. Michelle and Russ were outstanding. I’ll miss XM72.

    Everybody upset by this move needs to let their wallet speak for them.

    Jerry Zeman

  79. Lucas Brown Avatar
    Lucas Brown

    Like you all, I was so pissed this week when I turned on 72 and no Beyond Jazz! My subscription is up in a month or so and I am letting it go. I am going to email them and say so as well as try to start a petition in Facebook. Anyone who is interested should check it out!
    BRING BACK XM 72 Beyond Jazz!!

  80. Tod Sawicki Avatar
    Tod Sawicki

    The cancellation of Beyond Jazz is a crushing disappointment to me.

    I remember Russ Davis from the early ’80s on an Atlanta FM jazz station. I loved the programming and really enjoyed the passion and energy both Russ and Michelle brought to the station. I do hope they get something else going. I will definitely be a listener. Here’s my email to Greenstein, the Chief Officer in charge of eliminating Content at Sirius/XM.

    Mr. Greenstein, I am extremely disappointed in the myopic and weak-minded decision to cancel Beyond Jazz. Station 72 was the only reason I subscribed to satellite radio in the first place. I even chose XM over Sirius several years ago because Beyond Jazz had superior, more progressive and energized programming and on-air personalities.

    Beyond nationwide availability, the key value to satellite radio is distinctive and unique programming. I find it incredible that this value proposition would be abandoned in favor of repetitive, boring and banal programming that is already available on broadcast radio. Your group’s belief that people will actually pay for such programming is sadly misguided. I expect you will soon feel the effects of the decision to eliminate the unique stations on XM and Sirius in the form of numerous subscription cancellations.

    Good luck with that.

  81. ed Avatar


    another good station, heavy on the acid jazz, but still good

  82. Barry Avatar

    The only way to cure is to vote from your pocket book. I had an annual subscription through April. I canceled today, and received a refund for the diff. No Beyond Jazz, no sat radio. Sirius can keep Howard and the rest of the garbage. I had XM for this channel. Will not come back until they replace with something of equal quality. Not holding my breath. internet and ipod from now on.

  83. dennis Avatar

    After getting in my car & tuning to xm72,I got this strange feeling that I was sitting in the waiting room of a funeral home.These feelings have now turned to a mix of dismay,disgust & anger as I have just found out that Beyond Jazz is no more!
    What kind of musical philistines are in charge over there!?! I’ve already contacted xmradio & informed them that if Beyond Jazz isn’t brought back in the very near future they can cancel my pre-paid 3-year subscription and that I expect a full refund!

  84. Steve Avatar

    How do I get my refund now that Beyond Jazz is gone? That was the best thing about XM! Sirius wouldn’t know serious music if it hit them “upside the head” Russ and Michelle, thank you for your great work!

  85. Jeff Avatar

    Very sorry we lost XM 72, Beyond Jazz. It was the only reason I was hooked on XM. Very very very mean-spirited move on the part of XM programmers. As I perused the channel line-up I saw/heard NOTHING that even comes close to Beyond Jazz. I think I will cancel my XM subscription. I mean, what is left? Watered down pablum MOR, big hair bands and Screaming Howard Sterns/Opie-Anthony’s? NO THANK YOU!

  86. Ray Avatar

    What a shame. Beyond Jazz was the main reason I signed up for XM Radio. Very disappointing.

    I really can’t see myself staying with XM without Beyond Jazz.

  87. Fernando Avatar

    I just cancelled my subscription after this outrage and I hope those who love music without borders, like all of you, will do the same. Send a clear massage to those greedy executives.

  88. Fernando Avatar

    Thank you Tommy. I just wrote to Mr. Greenstein a letter in an attemp to bring him to reason and realize the magnitude of his mistake that will drive XM/Sirius to a total collapse…like he cares.



  89. Fernando Avatar

    Have you tried to cancel online ??? : )

  90. Tommy Avatar

    I tried but could not cancel online. They certainly make it difficult to cancel.

    My next project is to seek out a way to stream audio to my Crackberry- any ideas or suggestions out there?



  91. Giovanni Avatar

    I am shocked about this. Speechless. No need for XM radio anymore. Bye Bye.

  92. Noah Avatar

    Tommy: I have a crackberry and I use Moodio.fm which is free to stream. You basically add any free streaming site to your list of channels on Moodio and you can stream it to just about any phone. Its pretty cool. Check it out.

  93. dan mogelnicki Avatar
    dan mogelnicki

    i am delighted to read Michelle’s posting about Russ’s and her next venture. i have complained twice to XM, and did receive a canned response invited me to listen to watercolors – what an insult. i hope there is some way we can all be kept abreast of the next stage.

    BJ played a big part of my life over the last 3 years. one example is the advance news of RTF’s return tour, which enabled me to have an experience of a lifetime with my 19 year old son, as we did the VIP tour and got to meet Lenny, Al and Stanley. thanks, michelle and Russ.

  94. Tommy Avatar

    THX Noah, I’ll check out moodio.fm.


  95. Jeff Avatar

    The response from Jon Zellner that Vince Carpenter posted above was the same response I got from him.

    So Jon was a fan of Beyond Jazz, but figured Spa or the Jimmy Buffet channel would be a better use of their limited satellite resources?

    Right. And how’s that song rotation on the ol’ Jimmy Buffet channel going for you, Jon?

  96. Tommy Avatar


    Thanks again for the tip on moodio.fm. I registered (easy and free) and I have been listening to jazz/modern stations from Amsterdam and Australia (maybe I’ll work my way through the alphabet), via my Crackberry and headphones. Must be over 50 jazz stations available, many smooth but many not. Then there are all the other genres.

    Nice feature that you can adjust the bitrate.

    So far the stream has held up nicely- I am not moving about though. Will try it in the car later.

    XM Shmexem -who needs it?


  97. Stephen S Avatar
    Stephen S

    I’ve listened to xm72 on my directv dish. One less reason to keep that too.

  98. Peter J Avatar
    Peter J

    Russ, Michelle, or others looking to do mojo programming elsewhere — the thing I liked best was Fusion Friday. The mojo that recalls the spirit of the good years of fusion, about ’69 (Silent Way) to ’75 (Heavy Weather), and not so much of the lame fusion to follow.

    Michelle, I always felt like you had LISTENED to everything you put on air and considered it “A” list.

  99. Howard Avatar

    Just got back from a trip to find Beyond Jazz gone. I started listening to jazz on clear channel KSL in the 50s and XM72 was my all time fav, the best ever. I’m looking forward to listening however it gets going next. Great job Russ and Michelle!

  100. Charlotte Avatar

    I am so heartbroken that Beyond Jazz is gone. What a LOSS for us listeners, the artists and the Jazz world!! I stumbled upon Beyond Jazz a few years ago and became completely hooked. With Russ and Michelle’s extensive playlists, I got turned on to so many amazing artists that I would never of heard of. Now at least I know the artists that i love and can buy their CDs – I support all the amazing artists of Beyond Jazz and of course, Russ and Michelle (you’re amazing!). I don’t think I ever heard a song played twice on Beyond Jazz (unlike some of the new XM stations, AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen 24/7 – well thats innovative!). I, like everyone else here, will be canceling my xm subscription and I will send an e-mail to the XM execs to let them know why. I guess I will be listening to my new CDs and also Moja Radio when it gets online.
    Long live MoJa and it’s next incarnation!!

  101. DC Proud Avatar
    DC Proud

    Here is an excerpt of an email I wrote to XM Sirius: I want to register my profound disappointment with the programming decisions that were made as a result of the XM/Sirius merger. I understand the need to cut costs in a tight economy, but I don’t understand why a company that is already losing millions of dollars would make programming decisions that
    would make its service FAR less worth the money.

    … With today’s lineup changes, *Beyond Jazz* — which rightly boasted that it was a one-of-a-kind sweet spot for jazz fusion that was too impure for XM 70 and too aurally challenging for Watercolors — was unceremoniously dumped … What I have is about a dozen sound-alike rock channels and a bunch of other
    channels with playlists indistinguishable from their FM counterparts. It appears that the new Sirius XM is destined to kill itself in the same way that FM radio is killing itself — by opting for mediocrity rather than appealing to musicphiles who are passionate about music.

    What makes this inexcusable is that WE’RE PAYING YOU AS MUCH AS $13 A MONTH to give us programming that appeals to our tastes. And yet, as this lineup was being contemplated, I see no evidence that listeners were even
    consulted. I know I wasn’t.

    *You could earn my continued loyalty* by at least restoring the programming of *Beyond Jazz* and *The Move* …

    Their response suggested that I send song requests to my “favorite DJs.” Except, of course, that won’t work because the combined XM Sirius has fired all my favorite DJs.

    Right now I’m playing a custom radio station on Pandora, and I’ve looked up Russ Davis’ website http://www.russdavismoja.com/. Right now I don’t have much reason to keep paying XM Sirius money, and if the enterprise finally crashes I won’t be shedding any tears.

  102. Tommy Avatar

    Boxing is like jazz, the better it is, the less people appreciate it.
    ~ George Foreman

    Jazz is freedom. You think about that.
    ~ Thelonius Monk

  103. Ron Avatar

    R.I.P. Beyond Jazz!Now I know what it feels like to be voted out of office!
    The only source of contemporary, mostly electric jazz and jazz fusion is now Pandora which, sadly, isn’t available in my vehicle.
    Maybe a suitable replacement can eventually find its way into the new
    Sirius/XM electorate of stations

  104. Jeffz Avatar

    I have nothing new to add, my feelings are the same as what has already been stated here. But I felt that I should voice my support for Russ and Michelle and the voice they gave the music we love. As with most of you XM72 was the only reason that I paid to listen to the radio!….well I wont`t be paying anymore or at least not to Sirius XM.

  105. Mbuddha Avatar

    Here’s an email exchange I had with Jon Zelner, the Senior Vice President of Music Programming:

    > —– Original Message —–
    > From: John C
    > To: Zellner, Jon
    > Sent: Wed Nov 12 20:48:26 2008
    > Subject: Bring back Beyond Jazz 72 or I’m canceling
    > I have NO reason to keep my sat subscription without Beyond Jazz.
    > Entire channels devoted to ONE artist, what a programming mess and
    > a waste. Do you know how many excellent artists received much
    > deserved exposure on Beyond Jazz yet it’s ok to devote entire channels
    > to defunct bands?
    > Not to mention the quality of the hosts who believed in the music.
    > There’s VALUE in that.
    > I’m outraged and will be canceling, plain and simple.
    > —
    > John Corda
    > http://myspace.com/chaoticsoulband
    > http://www.mashedbuddha.com/
    > http://myspace.com/therealorganism

    Zellner, Jon wrote:
    > Thanks for the e-mail, John. Sorry to hear it but I understand. I was a fan of Beyond Jazz too. The problem is that the channel had a very small audience and we have a limited amount of room for channels. I hope you’ll take a look at the new channel guide before you cancel. You might find something you like…there are many new choices. If not, I thank you for your business in the past.
    > Best,
    > Jon
    > Jon Zellner
    > Senior Vice President
    > Music Programming
    > Sirius XM Radio
    > 1500 Eckington Place NE
    > Washington, DC 20002
    > (202) 380-4040 (o)
    > (202) 380-4444 (f)

    Thanks for the reply. Seriously there can’t be that large of an audience to
    the Led Zeppelin channel or the E Street channel, or AC/DC because it is only ONE artist.
    That to me is the waste of bandwidth. I suggest you look at all the comments here


    As a fan of BJ you must know that there are NO alternatives on XM Sirius. It’s insulting
    to my intelligence to see Watercolors listed as a suggested replacement.

    There ARE alternatives to Sat radio however, and many of us will be
    using mp3 players, podcasts, CDs, and eventually internet radio in the car. Ironically, the same
    argument that allowed the merger to go through.

  106. Liddell Kirk, Jr Avatar
    Liddell Kirk, Jr

    Perhaps it has been said but a letter writing campaign should be started by those who listen to xm demanding that Beyond Jazz be reinstated in it’s line up. I was sad when I turned on my radio in my to see beyond jazz was gone. Now I can only hear this type of music on the internet. I want to hear it while driving. We as subscribers can make this happen if send enough letter requesting Beyond Jazz back on air.

  107. Tommy Avatar

    This was a 13 billion dollar merger between 2 money-losing entities. Maybe I am being cynical, but I really don’t think they care about us modern jazz lovers- they are just trying to sell the musical equivalent of fast food burgers to the masses.

    My unsolicited advice is to move on, find other sources of modern jazz, go hear more live music, get some streaming audio, and blow these guys off.

    Reminds me of that old joke, “Jazz is a Swahili word for No Money”.

  108. Melinda watson Avatar
    Melinda watson

    I am disgusted with the XM Sirius merger and the hollow corporate decision to eliminate Beyond Jazz.I will not renew my subscription. Thank you Russ and Michele for your dedication. Keep us posted. I want my MoJa back!

    BTW they cut the classical options,too. The villains!

  109. Jonathan fish Avatar
    Jonathan fish

    I found Beyond Jazz two days before they cut it from the lineup. Between that and losing Fungus 53 I think I may just dump satellite radio and go back to my mp3 player full time.

    On a good note I did find out that the programming director of Beyond Jazz is setting up the following site.

  110. Bruce Cota Avatar
    Bruce Cota

    There’s no use whining about the evil corporation, they exist to make a profit.

    But man it sucks. Goodbye XM. Goodbye Innovative Satellite Radio. Time to get some good speakers for
    my PC.

  111. Bruce Cota Avatar
    Bruce Cota

    I’m going through withdrawal. My house is so quiet. Everything else is so disappointing. World music and Reggae can only fill the void for a few hours.

  112. jt Avatar

    This was a very unique channel that brought me to XM Radio in the first place.

    Russ Davis did an amazing job and was instrumental in the progression this genre of jazz music keeping it on the cutting edge.

    Now that it is gone so am I.

  113. DeAngelo Avatar

    I also advocate a letter writing campaign to bring back Beyond Jazz. The only reason I listen to XM was because of Beyond Jazz and the electronica stations. I’m really pissed that Beyond Jazz has been removed.

  114. Jan Goldberg Avatar
    Jan Goldberg

    Hello Its a sad time in music history. I was shocked when I tuned in and found out that you all were no longer on the air. I immediately went online and saw the influx of emails and devoted listeners who had part of their heart and soul ripped out. I was devastated. I thank you for all that you have done and am anxiously anticipating a replacement for the only reason I remained with direct tv, Beyond jazz. I just got off the phone with direct tv and all they could tell me was a bunch of canned lines. Management should be ashamed. Good luck, thank you and keep me posted on any new developments. Any suggestions on where I could find a similar selection of music would be greatly appreciated Sincerely Jan Goldberg

  115. eric Avatar

    yea what a shame. I only listened to Beyond Jazz and agulia(the mexican polka station..) Both now are gone, and I have no reason to renew

    F*** You Very Much Sirius!

  116. David Vastano Avatar
    David Vastano

    Here is the e-mail that I sent to Scott Greenstein, Chief Content Officer of Sirius. I hope everyone who shares my feelings will also contact him. His e-mail address is sgreenstein@siriusradio.com.

    Dear Mr. Greenstein,

    I wanted to convey my feelings regarding the new channel lineup directly to you.

    I have subscriptions to both Sirius and XM. Of the two, my favorite channel has been Beyond Jazz. It looks like this channel has gone away. So, out of 130 stations, it appears that I have nowhere to listen to jazz fusion, some of the most unique and creative music anywhere. When I tried to look up that station on your website, I was re-directed to Spa. Do you really expect me to replace Jean-Luc Ponty and Tony Williams with Enya and Yanni? If I listen to that in the car, I’ll fall asleep at the wheel.

    I can see that there is quite a bit of overlap on your other music channels. For example, I’m sure that there are at least three or four channels that will regularly play The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, U2, etc., but none that will play Return to Forever or Mahavishnu Orchestra. At this point, it seems to me that any music played on Sirius/XM, can also be heard on free terrestrial radio. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who subscribed to satellite radio in order to have a better choice of music to which to listen. But that is no longer the case. I am very disappointed and am seriously thinking about dropping both subscriptions if Sirius/XM does not bring back Beyond Jazz.

  117. David Vastano Avatar
    David Vastano

    Finally, here is my response to Darrin Smith.

    Dear Darrin,

    I appreciate your reply although I admit that I’m not very happy with it. It still seems odd to me that you would have to eliminate a unique channel and keep several others that have a great deal of overlap. Especially since, with the merger, the total number of music channels has been cut down from about 140 to about 70. I’m sure that, as a result, the staff has also been reduced significantly. Is it possible you could let me know how much it would have cost to keep Beyond Jazz? Because I have to say, you haven’t swayed me so far.

    As for the “best way to see my choices”, I think it’s obvious that I already know what my choices are or aren’t. Don’t address me like I’m just another idiot. If that was the case, Im sure I’d be thrilled with the opportunity to be able to listen to the same old music that’s available elsewhere. (By the way, there is nothing on the website about a modern jazz program on Real Jazz.)

    It really frustrates me that I can’t listen to jazz fusion on any radio anywhere, even if I’m willing to pay for it. (I realize that music is a matter of taste, but do people really listen to Spa? Ugh!!!)

    I can’t say for sure whether or not I’ll drop one or both of my subscriptions, but I am definitely considering it. If it wasn’t for The Mike Church Show, I’d probably already be a former customer. I certainly wish that the the decision to drop Beyond Jazz would be reconsidered.

  118. HiyaMike Avatar

    My pithy, but futile email to Greenstein and Zellner.


    Along with so many others,


    I am writing to express my extreme disappointment regarding your decision to drop Beyond Jazz from the Sirius XM lineup.

    Honestly, I have nothing new to add to what others have certainly told you. Beyond Jazz was the reason why I found XM Radio such a rewarding experience and I think you made a poor business decision when you elected to take it off the air. I understand the need to turn a profit, but if the only difference you offer from traditional radio is more channels, you are going to fail.

    You absolutely must have some signature stations that offer something that simply cannot be found anywhere else. For those who like Zeppelin (I am one of them) I can’t listen too long because their catalogue is simply not large enough and I already own everything they’ve recorded. Actually, more than you play.

    An advertising campaign that highlights the real differences from traditional radio is the key, but you have to have some real differences. That is now missing so I don’t know what you build around.

    “More of the same, but now available across the universe” might be a good motto.

    So as of this morning I dropped Best of Sirius. I purchased that so I could follow the Chicago Bears out in Virginia Beach, but that is not the reason I have XM. Beyond Jazz is.

    I did however accept an offer to extend my subscription, free of charge, until 14 Feb. If by that date you have not brought back Beyond Jazz, I will end my subscription. Since you broke my heart when you dropped Beyond Jazz, it seems appropriate I return the favor (as futile as it may be) on Valentine’s Day.

    Thank you for turning me on to MoJa. I will be leaving in pursuit of it.


  119. David Vastano Avatar
    David Vastano

    Here is the lame response that I got from my e-mail to Scott Greenstein. The response was from Darrin Smith, Senior Director, Music Operations. His e-mail address is .

    Dear David, Thanks for the e-mail.

    We appreciate hearing your thoughts on BEYOND JAZZ. Because we have limited space on the network, we had to make some difficult decisions with the merging of the content from SIRIUS and XM. BEYOND JAZZ had a loyal but consistently a very small audience. We do,however, plan to carry a modern jazz show on REAL JAZZ and you can find out more about it by hitting our website.

    Merging the two sets of music channels was a very difficult task, since so many people were passionate about each service and what they have been listening to for years. We did our best, based on customer surveys from both companies, to keep the channels that reached the most listeners and performed the best in overall satisfaction. And, in some cases, we actually blended the two channels combining the best personalities from SIRIUS and XM to create a new combined channel.

    Of course, we did have to say goodbye to a few channels to make room for new ones. The best way to see what your choices are now is to go to http://www.SIRIUS.com or http://www.xmradio.com and download the new channel line-up. There are many new choices that you now have access to for no additional subscription fees. Please take the time to scroll through the dial and see what’s on. You find something you missed or something brand new that may become a favorite.

    Thanks again for writing. I know change is tough and hopefully, you’ll still see the value in our service to continue as a subscriber.

  120. Bob Smith Avatar
    Bob Smith

    u r shittin me…no beyond jazz….Bulshit…am done with XM

  121. kari Avatar

    we will be cancelling our subscription based on losing Beyond Jazz…we only agreed to pay for it based on Beyond Jazz…

  122. Brett G. Avatar
    Brett G.

    What a shame. My two favorite stations, Beyond Jazz and Fine Tuning, both gone. I pay for satellite radio to hear music that I cannot hear elsewhere. For some of us that’s the point. I can hear the same old tired songs and “flavor of the day” on FM. Goodbye Sirius/XM.

  123. richard kitagawa Avatar
    richard kitagawa

    my heart sank when i got in my car, turned on the radio {xm} and spa came up. i thought i was lste on my sccount, not the case. i called to rectify the problem and found out beyond jazz was dropped. in the words of the customer support person she was sure, positive that i would enjoy other stations even better.
    i asked her how she would know that especially since she did not even know me or the kind of music i liked. she also did not know what kind of music beyond jazz was as she said spa was
    as good a station. well now i am not going to renew my subscription to xm and i have four radios, and as a christmas gift last year i bought and paid for my 3 children and two friends to have xm, and i am not going to continue those subscriptions either. i did enjoy blue grass junction and blues ville, but i listened to beyond jazz 90% of the time.
    if beyond jazz came on any other pay to listen
    venue i would by it!!!!!! than you to the cast and crew of beyond jazz for bringing me so many hours of the best music station there has ever been. the music was great. please let me know if you ever come back in any venue.
    thank so much
    richard kitagawa
    a loyal listner

  124. Rich Snyder Avatar
    Rich Snyder

    I cancelled and pulled my radio out of the car over losing Beyond Jazz. The only enjoyment I get is watching their stock play the limbo game. How low will it go??

  125. Mbuddha Avatar

    BTW I’m sure Spa exists to feed the market of massage therapists and dentists that have sat radio and want ultra soothing “music.” Beyond Jazz just didn’t make enough marketing sense to the powers that be, claiming a small audience of listeners. I can’t say for sure but it seems to be not that small after all.

    I don’t recall ever receiving a survey on what stations I prefer to keep.

    And XM Sirius Chill is sourced from Sirius, no where near as cortex soothing as the original XM Chill.

    That and Beyond Jazz was all I listened to. Bye XM/Sirius satellite radio.

  126. Randy Sherrill Avatar

    Nothing can be said that already hasn’t. Beyond Jazz, Luna, Music Lab…I can go on. Being a progressive listener as well as eclectic one, is a gift that many that left their comments here share. The corporate world is not interested in art. It has alway been that way and I have been fighting it since the 1960’s, since the mecca of electric music. Where will we hear McLaughlin, Davis, DiMeola, RTF, and many many more of the artists and pioneers that started the movement we used to hear on BJ? It is truly disheartening. I am due to renew my quarterly payment to XM service on January 13th. I promise you that it will not renew if these people do not come to their senses. There is SPA, what can I say? There are 6 hip-hop channels and 26 talk radio channels. Remove one and replace BJ.
    I love you all for loving good music. It will be back because the people want it. Make alot of noise. These words from Eufaula, AL where the power of modern jazz still lives!

  127. Les Avatar

    I can’t imagine why “XM/Sirius” Radio would drop Beyond Jazz. I listened to channel 72 about 75% of the time when I had my radio on. I also listened to channel 74 which had a respectable mix of tradional blues and modern, more aggressive electric blues. That programming seems to have been replaced by all traditional blues. Just who are you trying to appeal to?
    I can get this safe, middle of the road programming that you are now pushing on “FM” radio. I’m not inclined to pay for that type of programming. I’m going to have to cut some “discretionary” spending and satellite radio is on the “discretionary” list.

  128. Jack Avatar

    Beyond Jazz kept this music alive. There are so many tunes I have downloaded from I Tunes because of this station. Steve Jobs should be mad. This was an outlet for real art,and American and World Culture. Russ Davis is the greatest for his passion and commitment to this music. Without this station, I never would have heard of The James Taylor Quartet,Fahir Atakoglu, and other great contemporary artists who make music, not that pablum L.A. Fuzak crap. WAKE UP XM!!!!!!

  129. ReeseM Avatar


    Like all of you, I am surprised by the cancellation of XM72. I tried to find an acceptable alternative there, but there is none. I plan to stop my subscription now. From the number of responses here I don’t accept the audience for MOJA was too small and unviable. If its true the audience was too small, I feel better (unique) in that most people don’t understand Dimeola, Ponty, RTF, Duke, Clarke, Metheny and many more.

    Too bad for XM, this is Russ’s and Michelle’s gain. They were excellent hosts. Now we just have to wait and see how much better they can make the new MOJA site!!


  130. Tom S Avatar
    Tom S

    I too have been a loyal XM radio listener, and specifically Beyond Jazz. Sad is probably the term for me to find that Beyond Jazz disappeared. I have a few other fave channels on XM, but given a choice to subscribe to “Beyond Jazz Radio” vs. “XM Radio”, I’d pick Beyond Jazz in a heartbeat.

    As a station went, I felt it easily eclipsed any of the other stations. Obviously I’m a jazz fan, so given that bias I would still say that what made the station was the musical choices and the folks behind the music. Absolutely top shelf.

    I’d happily pay for a “Beyond Jazz Podcast” and just start carting my iPod around in my car filled with those.

    If the folks at XM Radio are reading through these comments, let me add my wish to see Beyond Jazz make a comeback.

    Thanks to the good folks behind the show…it was my top radio program of all time.


  131. Nick Lopez Avatar
    Nick Lopez

    Love and miss ya M

  132. John Avatar

    What can I say, but this was horrible. They think that watercolors is the same as Beyond Jazz. Obviously they never listed to the show. Everyone is getting their own channel, Led Zepplin, Jimmy Buffet, The Catholic channel???? but not Beyond Jazz. This is crazy!!!!. At lest give us some air time on a different channel.

  133. ken Avatar

    It’s SAD, I was truely dissapointed when Sirius cancelled Planet Jazz, kept my subscription hoping that after the merger with XM, Beyond Jazz would be there. Dissapointed again.

  134. Mike Cmor Avatar
    Mike Cmor

    Just found out today, I’ve been out of town for a while.

    I will end my subscription with XM when my contract expires. Once I found out Serius would be charging an extra 5 bucks a month for NFL football games, I knew the result of the merger would not benefit the consumer in any way. Serius has the monopoly they wanted with no competition anymore.

    It’s a sad time…

  135. Kiki Larson Avatar
    Kiki Larson

    I am in total disbelief that this merger has resulted in the demise of one of the highest quality listening venues anywhere on earth: Beyond Jazz. I started listening to that channel almost exclusively about 4 years ago (occasionally switching to the VERY DIFFERENT “Real Jazz” which is much more old school and not as interesting and Fine Tuning for good old favorites). Beyond Jazz has been my lif sound track…fo making out to to entertaining politicians! And I now see on the blogs that Beyond Jazz is done, dead, expired. “Fine Tuning” another channel aimed perfectly at my sizable consumer demographic has also gone away. What are you guys thinking….commercial free, creative music was such a brilliant idea that you have now squandered….I no longer have a radio home that I can live in comfortably. I shall also cancel.

    This goes to the very heart of why Anti Trust laws exist and why it took the XM – Sirius merger so much time to get approval. Anti-Trust doctrine and the laws that support it is all about protectig consumer choice and engendering creativity.

    Even the holiday music is dumbed down. I will not be renewing my contract unless Beyond Jazz is brought back, and I will be an active member of any consumer movement to undermine this new Super Corporation. it has gone to the dark side and it now officially sucks…too bad.


    K. Larson

  136. Lambert Avatar

    I am pissed that beyond jazz is gone.. I am ready to dump XM as well. I love c-jazz but beyond was something special and it really balanced out my jazz listening experience. Ovall XM really screwed up alot of other previous offerings as well…. I will let them know that after 3 years I am done!!

  137. J.D.Brown Avatar

    I too am missing Beyond Jazz, but found Jam On yesterday. It is about 1/4 of B.J., but at least I can listen at work, and not keep changing the channel every ten minutes looking for the Stuff.J.D.

  138. raj201 Avatar

    I was a regular listener of both Fred and Beyond Jazz. The channels that have been offered as their replacements aren’t even in the same league. Fred was replaced with First Wave, a weak substitute at best. Beyond jazz wasn’t even given a replacement. Sirius does not offer any kind of Fusion/Modern/Acid jazz station. The quality has dropped to the point that I am seriously considering just going back to the regular programming available on the FM stations in my area.

  139. Danny Avatar

    Just gotta say, without Music Lab or Beyond Jazz, I have lost my groove.

  140. James Wykoff Avatar
    James Wykoff

    When my subscription to XM Radio was due last December, I made the decision to let it drop and called XM to let them know why. Beyond Jazz was my favorite channel because the music was different in a very good way. I felt no point in paying for more of the same diluted version of the original XM programming. Now, I search the Net in places like ShoutCast for something similar and have yet to find the same exciting, progressive kind of jazz. My disappointment has no end here. At best I can console myself by linking up to whatever I can find on shoutcast but it’s still not the same.

    Jim Wykoff

  141. sadaswell Avatar

    agree… i hate to say it but i am giving up my 5 subscriptions when they expire… these guys really mess up a good thing

  142. Phil Msuya Avatar
    Phil Msuya

    Bring back Beyond jazz. That was your best radio station next to the Groove. With decisions like that (to eliminate Beyond Jazz), no wonder XM radio is going bankrupt. Listen to the people, bring back Beyond Jazz and cancel the Spa or whatever you call it.

  143. Micah Avatar

    Yeah, lets cancel all the good stations, and keep the crap talk shows, and others on…..Just a sign of the times. Why am I not surprized anymore?????

  144. Michelle Sammartino Avatar

    We are back!!! The new MOJARadio site is up and running… music coming VERY soon… so hit the site.. register and you will be the first to know when Modern Jazz Radio as WE know it is BACK!



  145. […] most talked about topic in the last few months here is the end of XM channel 72 – Beyond Jazz. I’m happy to inform you that the duo behind the station, Russ […]

  146. Paul Avatar

    I horrified to see the changes that Serius made to XM. The only thing that was unique about satilite radio, as far as I’m conserned, was Beyond Jazz.

    Not only did I want to listen to it a lot; I wanted to get my music out on it. Back then, I was calling my music, “psychotronic jazz.”

    I didn’t realize that “psychotronic” already had an accepted meaning. For me, it was a contraction (psycho-accoustic+electronic).

    The Beyond Jazz bump was a major blow. I’m glad to have found it again on the web. Now let’s hope that iTumes doesn’t go anywhere.


  147. Paul Avatar

    Make that “I was horrified…” and “iTunes.” (: ))

  148. Gary Tate Avatar
    Gary Tate

    I drive a tracto-trailer for a living. spending 15 hours behind the wheel per day, it’s easy to understand how important radio is to me. i have both xm an sirius in truck. For quite some time now, I’ve hed onto hope that xm and sirius would go back to the way they used to be. I remember switching back and forth from xm to sirius, and then from channel to channel. I would find something but while listening, would miss something somewhere else. The choicez were abundant. Beyond Jazz was definately one of the big guns of xm. Along with Beyond Jazz, alot of channels from both companies vanished. I was so impresssed with them both that i bought xm for my dad and brother. Neither of them even use them anymore. I’m trying to justify holding onto hope because the money i can save if i cancel the xm subscriptions would make me feel somewhat better. you can’t turn on your am/fm and hear stuff like Beyond Jazz. I thought that was the whole point of satellite radio, to give yo choices you can’t anywhere else. I’ll give it to the end of my contract, after that, I’m out! If they bring back some real entertainment like Beyond Jazz, then I’m back in. xm

  149. Russ Davis Avatar

    I still communicate with people who say how much they miss the XM channel 72-Beyond Jazz.

    Well, this is Russ Davis and I started MOJA Radio almost immediately right after sirius did away with Beyond Jazz and all the same stuff is there with no sirius restrictions on playlist or content. There’s Words & Music, Acid Jazz, Jazzy Jambands, Monday with the Masters, Live @ MOJALand and the weekly new music show ALL NEW MUSIC REVUE.

    Check it out at http://www.mojaradio.com and you can hear a sample plus lots of other stuff for free (it’s a subscriber service) like the MOJA YouTube channel, the Voice of America show that Russ Davis does, a new vocal jazz show called THE NEW JAZZ SINGERS, the MOJA blog site and other stuff.

    Just spreading the word… Russ

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