The Grace of Summer Light from Ken Navarro

One of your summer listening highlights this year will likely be the new recording from Ken Navarro, The Grace of Summer Light. I’ve heard the majority of the now 18 recordings of the guitarist and he continues to impress. This latest release continues to demonstrate Navarro’s growth as a composer. In fact, I’ll have to remember to refer to him as composer/guitarist Ken Navarro, or even more accurately: storyteller Ken Navarro. The compositions obviously inspired the musicians, including Joel Rosenblatt on drums, Tom Kennedy on acoustic and electric bass, and Jay Rowe on keyboards. Find out for yourself: Ken is offering the entire recording, all 57 minutes, for you to listen to. It’s not background music that you can listen to while you work. This music demands your attention. And, as he did with his previous effort, The Meeting Place, he’s blogged about the making of the new album.

The Grace of Summer Light will be in stores on June 17 on Ken’s Positive Music label. You can pre-order it now through Join the discussion about it in The Forum!

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