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Speaking of the Remix

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cover to Bird Up - The Charlie Parker Remix ProjectThere are entire albums of one artist remixed, like Charlie Parker and Billie Holiday. Here are some others I’d love to see remixes of:

The Crusaders – Verve owns that catalog so it should be no problem.

Miles Davis – I believe there was a remix CD a few years ago but nothing like I’m thinking. His fusion era Columbia recordings are fair game as well as his Warner Bros. years. I don’t know who has the WB catalog any more but there is lots of material to work with. Call it ReMiled and go with it.

Bob James – When Warner Bros. reissued his entire catalog years ago, I got a sampler from each CD. That’s some classic material. When Masters at Work remade “Nautilus” on the classic Nuyorican Soul recording, it showed how timeless the material is with an updated sound.

How about you? Got ideas for a jazz remix project?

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