Even though the site has been updated, it’s been too long since I’ve posted news or comments. Of course, you can always check out daily posts at TJ’s, the discussion board. People are chatting about the latest from Stefon Harris and Spyro Gyra. Add your thoughts today!

Vertical Vision by Christian McBrideIt’s a great time for those tired of drum machines. You’ve got the bass release of the year so far – Christian McBride’s Vertical Vision and the drum release of the year so far – Dennis Chambers’ Outbreak. I saw video of Christian and his band playing either “Technicolor Nightmare” or “Boogie Woogie Waltz” during the NCN entertainment before a movie I saw recently. I was jazzed seeing a track from one of my favorite CDs of the year on the big screen. Excellent promotion from his label!

Less than a month after his latest solo CD hit stores, you can catch Charlie Hunter with a new CD. Garage a Trois is a new group with Hunter, Galactic’s Stanton Moore, saxman Skerik, and percussionist Mike Dillon. Their CD, Emphasizer, is out on April 22.

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