Review: Mark Hollingsworth – Chasing the Sun


For the last week I’ve been trying to find the right words to describe veteran studio saxophonist Mark Hollingsworth’s latest release, Chasing the Sun. I keep going back and re-listening to these well composed, excellently performed, but totally dissimilar 13 tracks. How best to describe what’s on Chasing the Sun; Brecker Brother-ish, Steely Dan like, Tropical, Latin, New Orleans, Exotic, Brazilian, JB Horns, and Romantic – whew! Hollingsworth is obviously a real talent on sax and flute, and no doubt he has a lot of ideas he wants to share (13 of them to be exact). On his next release, I’d love to see him take one or two of those ideas and expand on them for a full recording – to create a more consistent listening experience. Four tracks that really stood out are: “High Velocity,” “Chasing the Sun,” “Stowaway,” and “Tropic Breeze.”

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