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Wow! Until I received Timeless World to review, I’d never heard of Chris Geith. According to his biography, he’s an accomplished songwriter and musician who has had over 1.4 million of his songs downloaded. Here’s to the democracy that the web brings to the music industry!

Bio aside, this much I know: Geith’s latest gem of a recording reminds me of early Dan Siegel (circa 1982), along with some of David Benoit’s finest. This is a very tasteful release, full of expert musicianship. Timeless World, unlike a lot of the saccharine-laden smooth jazz which programmers and consultants seem to push on us, is full of substance. This is the real deal – music in a contemporary vain, well written and performed by real live musicians.

In addition to Geith on keyboards, the remainder of his band consists of Matt Marshak on guitars, Fred Scerbo on saxophones, Mark Mullers on bass, and Dean Kosh on drums. Supposedly Timeless World took Geith two years to complete, and it’s evident in the excellent quality of the production. Unlike the days of the LP (remember those), you don’t hear a lot about sequencing of tracks but the sequencing of the songs is what really stood out for me. The effortless flow of this recording created a very enjoyable and consistent listening experience. I’m certain that 1.4 million number will be increasing quite a bit!

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