Playing with AI: Karol G + Kenny G

Kenny G and Karol G
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I’m fascinated with the deluge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that are garnering attention. AI is truly a game changer. I’m convinced this is the very beginning of something that alter how we define art. It will eliminate jobs and create new ones. With every new revolution there are legal and ethics challenges associated with it. Artists have rights. But that’s another discussion – a really big discussion.

Just to experiment, I used Midjourney, an image generator which creates pictures using AI. I wanted to see what would happen if I asked it to merge Colombian singer and songwriter Karol G with best-selling contemporary jazz saxophonist Kenny G.


What’s up with that saxophone? What’s up with everything here? What’s wrong with me thinking this?? This may be the dumbest post I’ve ever done.

Karol G and Kenny G photos merged with AI

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