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Nu Jazz Sessions and Groove Gravy

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cover to the Nu Jazz Sessions compilationI love new discoveries. My interest in jazz remixes recently led me to a compilation called Nu Jazz Sessions. This twelve-track compilation features a mix of original jazztronica/soul/funk tunes as well as remixes of music from Sarah Vaughan and McCoy Tyner by Jazzelicious.

The CD, which is also a non-stop mix by Jazzelicious, immediately grabbed my attention with the mixmaster’s inventive take on Vaughan’s “Lover Man”. “Falling Into (Swell Session’s Boy Wonder Mix)” by Stateless had a vocal hook that kept me listening and “Flying Away” by Physics also proved hypnotic. Zigo’s “Out of Nowhere” intrigues me the most. For me, it’s the perfect blend of modern rhythms, horns, and electronica.

Nu Jazz Sessions also exposed me to mixes of other artists I’d not heard of. You’ll hear infectious music by Praful, grooves, trumpet, and turntables from Burning Giraffe, and scratches and soothing flute by Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is a juicy compilation with rich music that, as the press release accurately states, “will get both DJs and lounge dwellers salivating.”

Groove Gravy Records is a label to watch. It was founded by L.A. producer Roy Shakked early last year After listening to half of the label’s catalog, there is discernible high quality to the recordings. Roy’s polished sound makes the blending of varied styles found on Nu Jazz Sessions (as well as The Tao of Groove’s Fresh Goods) seem effortless. I’m impressed and anxious to hear what might be coming next.

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