Dukey Treats from George Duke

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You know how sometimes you’re a huge fan of an artist but their style changes over time? You keep buying their new music because you’re holding on/hoping for what you enjoyed in the past. Fortunately, that is not the case for every artist. George Duke is a constant in the contemporary jazz universe. He’s done other styles but he always comes back to the funk/soul style he loves best. His new Dukey Treats, available tomorrow, is full of soulful vocals provided by some familiar names: Jonathan Butler, Howard Hewett, Teena Marie, Rachelle Ferrell, and more. “I didn’t want to drift too far away from the old school sensibility,” Duke explains. As usual, you’ll find an irresistible track or two – it was the peppy “Are You Ready” for me.

Fans will not be disappointed in Dukey Treats. It’s like a visit from an old friend who hasn’t lost the things you love about him or her.

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John Hilderbrand Avatar

2 responses to “Dukey Treats from George Duke”

  1. Christopher Avatar

    I love Dr. George Duke. He is a great man and I love his music, but damn I like to think that he could have found another release title.

  2. Paul Avatar

    I have alway been a fan of Mr. George Duke and loved his funky tunes from the 70s and 80s i.e., Reach for it. As soon as I saw this title “Dukey Treats” and Mr. GD going back to his funky sound roots I had to have this album in music collection.

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