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iTunesI read on Verve’s web site that the Verve//Remixed 2 CD (reviewed on this site earlier) is the top seller at iTunes, the Apple digital music store. It’s beating the Neptunes and everyone else. I’m still waiting for something like iTunes for Windows, but the top two mentioned services – Rhapsody and BuyMusic – both have their problems. Rhapsody doesn’t allow you to burn music to CDs. BuyMusic is reportedly still buggy. I test the libraries of the services for music I’m interested in too – my favorite is seeking Erik Truffaz. Rhapsody had Truffaz’s latest, The Walk of the Giant Turtle, but I couldn’t find another service with it.

How about you? Have you tried a digital music store? If not why? I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts. Just click the link below. Also, try to catch Music Wars on TechTV for interviews and opinions about the future of music.

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