December is Grover Washington, Jr. Month

Grover Washington, Jr.

To me, December is always Grover Washington, Jr. month. He was born in December and passed away in December. 

Grover is a contemporary jazz legend. He was a pioneer in the soul-jazz movement. I can hear his distinctive sound on any recording. There has been no one like him.

Let’s celebrate his legacy this month. Share your thoughts on Grover. Post a comment here about your favorite recordings, concert memories, etc. Or start this going on Twitter – #GroverWashingtonJrMonth. I’ll be sharing too through December 17, when he suddenly left us.


  1. That’s a wonderful tribute to commemorate the music of the legendary Grover Washington Jr.! I saw Mr. Washington perform at the now defunct Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, California back in the early Nineties. He was dressed in his usual sartorial splendor and surrounded by his arsenal of saxophones: baritone; tenor; and alto (while playing soprano sax with his customary gusto). A true crowd pleaser and natural entertainer, he wowed the audience with his showmanship, artistry, and class. He truly set the bar high as he is the template for so many saxophonists today. There will never be another. We fans are grateful not only for his prodigious musical gifts but also for the manner in which he conducted himself with such humility and grace. God bless him and the Washington family! He is appreciated and always will be remembered for the joy he gave listeners all around the globe! Thank you, Mister Magic! Thank you, John Hilderbrand!

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