David Blamires Group cover


I’ve been updating my MP3 collection and couldn’t find a good scan of the David Blamires Group’s 1990 recording on the Web. So I scanned mine (usually it’s just easier to get a scan that someone else has already done). In case you’re in the same boat and don’t have a scanner, click the image below to view a 949×932 scan of the self-titled album.

cover to the David Blamires Group 1990 recording


  1. …totally dug (dig) this album–& especially the single off of it: ‘Deep is the Midnight Sea’. Although his work with Pat Metheny is legendary (& gave Pat that iconic sound of subtle Brazilian-style vocal-scat following the melody line), DatMS was kind of a one hit wonder for David–& makes me wish there would be more from him. I’m not sure why I relate the 2, but it also brings to mind Leo Gandelman with his ‘Sax Talk’…it all brings me back to the good old days of CD101.9 fm in NY! Thanks for posting John.


  2. I love those guys–Dave Blamires, Peter Bleakney, Art Avalos, Boko Suzuki and Paul DeLong–they are truly the best band I have heard. My favorite song on the CD is “Until We Know”.

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