Jazz on Twitter: What You Might Have Missed

I’ve been tweeting on Twitter for a few months now. I find that it’s the easiest and fastest way for me to communicate news and other contemporary jazz items of interest. There is a good community of jazz fans on Twitter. I keep a constant search on for ‘jazz’ and am inspired to see it update so frequently. Even if you filter out tweets mentioning “jazz hands” and “all that jazz,” there is a considerable amount of people talking jazz.

I keep a list of my most recent tweets here on the site, but you might have missed a few things of interest. Among my nearly 350 updates, I’ve reported:

  • New Rick Braun recording, All It Takes, out on July 28. Trumpeter worked w/ Philippe Saisse on it.
  • Savoy Jazz free at Amazon’s MP3 Store today. Includes Bird, Basie, Dizzy, McPartland, and more! http://bit.ly/17jSH7
  • Kind of Bloop: An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis http://bit.ly/YCGaR
  • Join Joyce Cooling’s Walk Team in San Francisco on May 30. Benefits Natl Assc. on Mental Illness. http://is.gd/ztad
  • Most viewed Legends of Jazz video on YouTube: Marcus Miller, George Duke, Lee Ritenour on “Panther”. cool. http://bit.ly/O2eSE
  • Jazziz magazine celebrates 25 years. I really enjoyed that magazine over 15 years ago. They’re celebrating w/ a cruise: http://is.gd/vpFq
  • Next release from Maysa will be a live recording. Good article on her at http://bit.ly/148r38

Twitter isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay and I’m happy to have this way to share information. Follow me!

Me on Twitter

Twitter is a free service for people to communicate through the exchange of quick, frequent messages (or “tweets”). I’ve been using it to share what I’m listening to, and still will. I’m increasing the scope of what I do with it, though. Since it’s not always easy for me to write up a post about something, I’m going to tweet quick news. They will be something like “Stefon Harris signs with Concord [llink].”

You can get the updates on the Twitter site, by mobile, and via IM. Again, Twitter is free – no spam, no invasion of privacy. If you’d rather not join, I will continue to sync up my tweets on the ContemporaryJazz.com home page.

Me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tomorrowjazz