David Blamires Group cover

cover to the David Blamires Group 1990 recording

I’ve been updating my MP3 collection and couldn’t find a good scan of the David Blamires Group’s 1990 recording on the Web. So I scanned mine (usually it’s just easier to get a scan that someone else has already done). In case you’re in the same boat and don’t have a scanner, click the image below to view a 949×932 scan of the self-titled album.

cover to the David Blamires Group 1990 recording

George Benson Autobiography

George Benson autobiography book cover

I’m looking forward to reading this. Labeling Benson as the “first true (and truly successful) jazz/soul crossover artist” does make you think. Usually, I’m skeptical of definitive statements like that but I can’t find a better example when you factor in the chart success he had. I wish some sort of box set or ultimate collection of his music would come out at the same time as the book.

Benson is available now.

Help Don Cheadle with Miles Ahead

Don Cheadle is ready to star and direct in Miles Ahead, the notumentary. That’s right – it’s not a documentary. It chronicles a segment during the musician’s “silent period.” Herbie Hancock and Robert Glasper are involved. Watch the video to learn more about the project and cool stuff you can earn if you contribute to the film’s coffers.

Top 10 – Years 1999 and 1994

In the earlier days of this site, I ran a top ten list of the most popular contemporary jazz recordings at the time. This chart was based on sales and radio play. Here were the top 10 from April 30, 1999:

  1. Boney James – Body Language
  2. Joe Sample featuring Lalah Hathaway – The Song Lives On
  3. Tom Scott & the L.A. Express – Smokin’ Section
  4. David Sanborn – Inside
  5. Inner Shade – 4 Corners
  6. Gota – Let’s Get Started
  7. Nite Flyte – Ascension
  8. Quincy Jones – From Q, With Love
  9. 3rd Force – Force Field
  10. Kenny G, Greatest Hits

And the top 10 from April 17, 1994:

  1. David Benoit/Russ Freeman – The Benoit/Freeman Project
  2. Paul Hardcastle – Hardcastle
  3. Dave Weckl – Hard-Wired
  4. The Solsonics – Jazz in the Present Tense
  5. Mark Johnson – Mark Johnson
  6. Incognito – Positivity
  7. Bob James – Restless
  8. Pat Metheny/John Scofield – I Can See Your House from Here
  9. United Future Organization –¬†United Future Organization
  10. Mark Portmann – Driving Beverly Hills