Try It Out Trekkers – New Cool Collective

Big from New Cool CollectiveTry It Out Trekkers is a one-time variation of Try It Out Tuesdays in celebration of the opening of the new Star Trek movie. TIOT offers a free full MP3 of an artist. This New Cool Collective cut is from their big-band/acid jazz recording released about nine years ago called Big. The release also features other Trek-themed song titles like “For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky” and “SPKJ (Four Captains At Warpspeed)”.

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Current from Jack BroadNew Cool Collective – NCC 1701

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

I was in NYC for the Big East Basketball Tournament last week, feasting on incredible ball, walking 7th Avenue back and forth from the DoubleTree in Times Square to the Garden, twice a day for the double headers. As I’m walking back from the Garden and approaching 42nd Street on Thursday afternoon, I hear the distinctive sound of a brass band, a few blocks away, thinking that it’s probably a bunch of kids from one of the schools that got knocked out of the tournament that day from one of the two early games. But, as I get closer, I start hearing Latin, Reggae, odd syncopated rhythms, this was no college marching band! In front of the Subway sandwich shop on 7th near 42nd, was a group of guys playing the most hypnotic and trance like jazz-jam-reggae that I have ever heard; trying to sell their CDs to the sizeable crowd which had gathered to listen to them. I had never heard of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, but I made sure to catch their name. Incredibly, they were still there playing, two hours later, when I walked past on my way back to the Garden for the late games! That night when I got back to my hotel, I immediately started searching for this incredible group. I found theirMySpace page and blog, and also downloaded their first two recordings from iTunes. If you like music that you can’t stop bobbing your head to, that makes you want to get up and dance, or just puts a huge smile on your face – give these guys from Chicago a shot!

Review: Supercharged from Down to the Bone

Supercharged by Down to the BoneDown to the Bone has the perfect summer soundtrack with their fun and funky new release Supercharged. True to the title, this release is a pumped-up, constant jam that won’t let your body remain idle. It needs a warning label – “Product contains powerful horns (props to Shilts and the D.C. Horns), percolating bass, mean guitar by Tony Remy, and relentless energy – may leave you exhausted after play!”

Supercharged sounds like it should be listened to in the sunshine, preferably driving down the highway with the top down. It conjures up summer imagery, especially on two of my favorite tracks. “Parkside Shuffle” is a nice, sweet tune, reminiscent of a walk in the park, that builds into an unbelievably infectious melody around the two-minute mark. Hil St. Soul adds a strong vocal effort to the uplifting “Smile to Shine.” A flavorful bass line and welcome trumpet and trombone solos at the end only make a great song better.

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but it’s rare to hear this kind of music released and receiving mass distribution in the States. Buy this release when it comes out on June 18. Not only will you get music you’ll enjoy all season/year long but maybe enough copies will sell to justify more funky soulful jazz recordings.