Branford Marsalis on piracy in 2000

I’m going through some of my archives and laughed at this bit of news I reported on July 16, 2000:

Earlier this week, an organization called “Artists Against Piracy” began a campaign calling attention to the issue of distribution of music on the Internet. AAP would like to see their work respected and not distributed in an improper fashion. Among the 70 artists who have endorsed the AAP include Joe Sample, David Sanborn, Herbie Hancock, and Us3 (didn’t know they still around). For more on AAP, visit their site (link defunct). On the other hand, Branford Marsalis posted his opinion on the subject on his bulletin board (link still points to Branford’s site): “Regarding the illegal trading of studio jazz albums, we don’t make much money off of them anyway, so more power to them.”

Sting, Branford, and Herbie

If you have an iPad, I recommend downloading the free Sting 25 app. Sting is celebrating 25 years as a solo artist. Among the cool things in the app are clips from his 60th birthday concert, from early October, in which he teamed with other artists. On “Consider Me Gone,” we’re treated to Sting with Branford Marsalis and Herbie Hancock. The man on the bass for that evening was another contemporary jazz legend, Christian McBride.