XM and Terrestrial Radio

XM logoIt’s been some time since I said something about XM radio. It’s one of the main reasons this site exists. XM station 72 ? Beyond Jazz ? turned out to be the station I’d always wanted to hear. This week, XM hit a million subscribers. For jazz fans, having XM is a no-brainer. You have several channels ? Real Jazz (traditional), Watercolors (smooth), Beyond Jazz (fusion, acid, adventurous), Frank?s Place (Sinatra), and Luna (Latin jazz). All but one of those stations is commercial-free. Sample them or stop by your local electronics retailer and tune in to channels 70-76.

XM 72’s Russ Davis recently shared an interesting statistic. He said that when he left his old broadcasting gig, there were only 300 songs that they could play. He?s got over 3000 for Beyond Jazz and growing. That?s the sad state of terrestrial radio. XM, Sirius, and Internet radio stations may be the last hope for jazz broadcasting.

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