Waking Up

Time to pull the site out of its dormancy! Though the TomorrowJazz online playlist continues to get rotated, the site has only seen one update since May. I’m hoping that’s about to change.

I’ve updated the release dates. The Chick Corea Elektric Band reunion CD finally drops and my favorite singer, Jane Monheit, finally gets on a label that can really promote her. Release schedules are firming up for the end of the year and this looks to me to be the smallest number of jazz releases since I’ve been listening.

It’s been some time since we heard from Stanley Jordan. He’s featured on the new release by Novecento. Though it appears that the album won’t be in stores until August now, iTunes has the entire CD ready for download. I’m listening to the samples and it’s definitely Stanley. There is a blend of vocals, quiet tunes, and not so quiet tunes (check out the hard-driving “Spring”).

It looks like Nonesuch has the rights to part of Pat Metheny’s catalog. Look for discounted (under $12) rereleases of Letter from Home, Quartet, Song X (with Ornette Coleman), Still Life (talking), and my favorite We Live Here before the end of the year.

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