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John Luciano, top-notch ContemporaryJazz.com reviewer, has launched his own blog. iJazz Therefore I Am covers music John loves including 70s and 80s jazz fusion. Among the acts he’s posted about already include Jeff Lorber Fusion, Spyro Gyra, and Tom Browne.

A fellow 37-year-old spinning nu jazz music? Sounds like my kind of guy! The surprising part of it: DJ Santo’s show is on terrestrial radio here in the States!

Be my friend! ContemporaryJazz.com has a page on MySpace.

TomorrowJazz Radio Goes Top 40

No, it’s not a format change. The station just entered the top 40 of primary jazz stations at Live365.com! Here’s the press release…

TomorrowJazz.com Celebrates Ascension Into Top 10% of Internet Jazz Stations

KANSAS CITY, Mo – April 28 – TomorrowJazz Radio, an 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to future jazz, recently hit the #39 spot in rankings at Live365.com. Live365 is the world’s largest Internet radio network, with thousands of stations and more than 2.6 million listeners a month. The ranking is out of 395 Live365 stations that consider jazz to be their primary genre. While most of those top stations play swing, bop, smooth, and other types of jazz, there are few stations that focus on future jazz such as nu jazz, acid jazz, jazztronica, fusion, and remixed jazz. TomorrowJazz Radio is proud to be a leading online station in exposing these styles.

About TomorrowJazz

TomorrowJazz is one-man effort dedicated to exposing artists who are taking jazz into this new century. The goal of the TomorrowJazz web site and radio station is to provide information about exciting new directions jazz is heading toward. The site uses a blog to present news and opinions about recent releases and noteworthy items. The site and station are both updated at least weekly. Visit the site at http://www.tomorrowjazz.com.

TomorrowJazz founder John Hilderbrand is no stranger to the online jazz world. He launched ContemporaryJazz.com in January 1996. It was one of the first jazz sites to be indexed by Yahoo! After working on that site almost daily for five years, he sold it to focus on other projects. Discovering he missed being an active contributor to the jazz world, he launched TomorrowJazz.com in September 2002.

Modern Jazz, XM, and Soul Train Thoughts

The Bad PlusI heard a cut from Dave Douglas’ new CD on XM72 on the drive home today. It was an adventurous trumpet/electronica fusion piece – exactly what I’m interested in. I thought “this is jazz today – why isn’t anyone recognizing it?”. I got home and did a search for another band I was introduced to on XM72 this morning – The Bad Plus. My first result answered my question. Newsweek has an article discussing jazz artists, specifically pianists, whose music is demanding to be heard. Go read this inspiring article and listen to the sound clips from The Bad Plus, Brad Mehldau, Matthew Shipp, and Jason Moran. Thanks to the author of the article, Seth Mnookin, for helping relieve my jazz frustration . . . Russ Davis, the man behind Beyond Jazz, XM Satellite Radio channel 72, has a weekly weekend tradition. Every Saturday, he has “Words & Music,” hourly interview segments throughout the day. This week is “The Masters of Modern Jazz Guitar” and he’s got a monster list of musicians lined up. Davis talks to Al Di Meola, Charlie Hunter, George Benson, John Scofield, Larry Coryell, Pat Metheny, Ronny Jordan, Steve Khan, and more . . . Why doesn’t the Soul Train honor jazz? Their annual Music Awards ceremony was Saturday but no jazz artists or categories were presented. Didn’t they used to have a jazz award? I thought I remember Diana Krall winning in a few years ago.