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In the last three weeks, I added over two dozen new selections to the playlist. Among the tracks are cuts from the latest CDs by Maysa (with Global Noize), S.M.V. (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten), and John Beasley (from his Letter to Herbie). The weather dropped to below freezing last week so I uploaded Diana Krall’s rendition of Michael Franks’ “Popsicle Toes” as well as Jimmy Smith’s “Jingle Bells.” Of course, there’s more of the acid jazz and nu jazz I love the best, like St. Germain, Praful, and Groove Collective.

Review: Josh Roseman – New Constellations (Live In Vienna)

Josh Roseman’s latest recording is horn-driven, funked out, spacey reggae with a dose of dub tossed in for good measure. Roseman’s trombone, whether it’s straight and buttery, muted, electrified, or chorused is front and center on all the tunes. Like his two earlier recordings, Cherry and the very excellent Treats For The Nightwalker, New Constellations is an ensemble recording, with many excellent musicians contributing to Roseman’s arrangements. Three particular musicians of note who help out on this one are Barney McCall (keys) and Jonathon Maron (bass), both of who are former bandmates of Roseman’s in Groove Collective, and young trumpeter extraordinaire, Ambrose Akinmusire (see Alan Pasqua’s latest release). Three tunes of note are “Theme Constellations,” “Thoroughfare,” which is my favorite song of this session, and “I Should Have Known Better,” which has this Pharoah Sanders The Creator Has A Master Plan feel to it. Josh Roseman is a member of a new group of young musicians who are not afraid to cross boundaries, and color outside the lines – while creating their brand of improvisational jazz. I applaud him.

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Quote of the Day

While trying to find information about the re-release of Groove Collective’s Live…and Hard To Find, I came across this quote from their neglected web site. I love it.

When recently asked to describe the band, a member responded…
“Part social experiment, part musical experience; We’ve tried democracy, communism, capitalism, dorian, chromatic, mescalydian, starvation diets, sleep depravation, meditation, mediation, co-op, cooped up, disco-ambient-futura-trance-jungle-drum and bass-trip hop-hip-acid-transistor-funk-rock-psychedelic-silicon-hard bop-big beat-tube-electronic-live-dub-salsa-mambo combo with a twist… and you know, I think it might be the next big thing!”