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Have you heard about the situation regarding Internet Radio? Recently the Copyright Royalty Board hiked royalty rates so high that an estimated 90 percent of the webcasters will be decimated. It’s no exaggeration. It will destroy an emerging force in music. The foundation of Internet radio is people like me, a guy who likes to share the music he likes with everyone. TomorrowJazz Radio broadcasts on, which pays royalty fees. I do it legally, though I know of many options to do the same thing where artists are not compensated. There are thousands of people like me, playing everything from old time comedy to ragtime. It’s a virtual guarantee that you’ll find something you’ve never heard before when you tune into an Internet radio station. It can be an expensive hobby but people do it because of a desire to share.

If an appeal to this increase is denied, then only the largest corporations will be able to afford to stream on the Web. You know that will turn the playing field into a clone of terrestial radio. Corporations are interested in promoting their artists. You’ll hear the same thing as you hear everywhere else. I, and my fellow webcasters, play independent artists. The majority of the music on TomorrowJazz Radio is from independent artists. Taking out Internet Radio eliminates a proven avenue for exposing these talented people.

Webcasting guru Kurt Hanson explains it clearly in this interview. Please take the time to read it and understand how this will have a profound effect on the way you could listen to music in the future. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to do something about it. Learn more at Live365 and

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