Recent TomorrowJazz Radio Adds

If you haven’t listened to TomorrowJazz Radio for a while, there have been changes. All tracks sound better (CD quality sound now as opposed to FM quality). has a “theme” which was written and is played by my friend, bassist Joe Quint. I’ve been going crazy adding new music. The list is too long, but here is a sampling:

Cordovan – “Equator” – Highway 10 Blues
Billy Kilson’s BK Groove – “Rabbit Kat” – Pots & Pans
Sunlightsquare – “Nu Bossa” – Urban Sessions
Sunlightsquare – “Wicked” – Urban Sessions
Greg Utech – “Spank”
Akimbo – “Akimbo” – On Top
NOMO – “Divisions” – The Shape of Things To Come 2
Sven Van Hees – “Breakfast With Abductees” – Gemini
Nu Sound Collective Helsinki – “Diana Park Nights” – New Latinaires 2
Jamiroquai – “Morning Glory” – The Return of the Space Cowboy
The Bamboos – “Golden Rough” – Step It Up
Matizz – “Red Sand” – Earth – The True Nature of Sound
Visionary feat. Sol Azul – “Bossa Sola” – Niceone Nice & Smooth Artists Compilation
Shilts – “Mrs. Magic” – HeadBoppin’
Louie Vega – “Mozalounge (Jazz-N-Groove Extended Album Mix)” – Mozalounge (Jazz-N-Groove Remixes) – EP
The Rurals – “Latin Canteen” – Astro Bar (The Hippest Bar In Iceland)

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