Praise for Lunar Orbit from the Karl Denson Trio

There is no shortage of praise for Lunar Orbit from the Karl Denson Trio. Andrew Gilbert recently wrote about Denson’s reasons for doing the trio format, his thoughts about Greyboy Allstars, and more. To quote Gilbert’s article: “Sit him down in the middle of a polka band and Karl Denson would find a way to put it in the pocket and make it groove.” True. reviewer John Luciano is also a fan of Denson’s. His new review confirms that it doesn’t matter if it’s a trio, the Karl Denson Tiny Universe, or whatever the format: “this is Karl, funking it up, the way he knows best – soulful, dreamy, hot and sexy jam-based jazzy funk.” Read John’s full review for more on Lunar Orbit.

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