Playlist Update – Radio

Here’s the music I put on TomorrowJazz Radio in the last two weeks: Radio – Future jazz online station updated weekly focusing on nujazz, acid jazz, remixed jazz, lounge, chill, house, and more.

atjazz – It’s Complete – Lab Funk
Barbara Dennerlein – Take Off! – Take Off!
Carlos Washington and the Amazing Giant People Ensemble – What the Funk – Epic Soul Music
Deerfoot – Elves On Patrol – Deerfoot
Hakan Lidbo – Jazz Fish – Jazz Vibes EP2
Jimpster – Deep Down – Domestic Science
Jiro – Nubuck (beats intro) – Jazz Vibes EP1
Koop – Bright Nights – Waltz For Koop
Mother Earth – Riot on 103rd Street – Acid Jazz Story: Old Testament 1988-1996
Bernie Worrell – The Vision – Blacktronic Science
Bobby Ricketts aka BB Rixx – Talkin’ ‘Bout the World (instrumental) – Talkin’ ‘Bout the World
Al Garcia – Turning Point – Alternate Realities
Megashira – Undercurrent – At Last
The Sidewinder – Plain Song – Fenetik Music – The Word in the Sound
Thunderball – Domino – Scorpio Rising
DJ Rain – See How It Sounds (Piano Remix) – Urban Excursions
Mettle Music Collective – Basement Vibe – Jazz Vibes

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