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I’ve put about 90 new tracks into the TomorrowJazz Radio playlist since the beginning of the year. Here are a few of the new releases that you can hear:

Will Calhoun – Native LandsWill’s Site
I’ll be playing a lot of tracks from this release by the Living Colour drummer. It’s hard for me to label the music on this CD so I’ll let Will’s bio explain it: “Jazz meets World, meets trance-inducing Urban music.” Helping him explore his creative vision is a stellar cast of musicians, including Pharaoh Sanders, Mos Def, Stanley Jordan, Marcus Miller, Kevin Eubanks, Wallace Roney, and Nana Vasconcelos.

JazzcollectivoVarious Artists – JazzcollectivoLabel Site
This compilation from Sweden tags itself as “colours of acoustic jazz.” If you’re expecting bebop, you’ll be in for a surprise. These tracks are more in a nujazz, bossanova style. I was pleasantly exposed to artists I’ve never heard of before but will be taking note of, like A Bossa Eletrica and Jet Set Swe. The first two tracks I’m playing are already taking off: “Kind of Sunshine” from Nicola Conte and Lucia Minetti and “Brown Sugar” by Funkservice International.

Joseph Patrick Moore – Live In 05Joseph’s Site
I’ve had JPM’s music sent to me before but I haven’t played it. After listening to this live recording, I don’t know what I might have been thinking. There’s a lot to like on Live In 05 from fun and interesting writing to inspired playing. I’m already playing two tracks from the CD and you should be able to hear him everywhere soon. Joseph is a master at getting his music exposed on the Internet, from Live365 to free downloads on to getting his releases on the online music stores. The guy should write a book on how other musicians can get online broadcasters’ attention.

Come In Red Dog, This is Tango Leader by Charlie Hunter and Bobby PreviteA sampling of other tracks added recently:
“Cosmic Interlude” / LTJ Bukem
“The Red Day Strays” / Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte
“Tokio Station” / Ohm Guru
“Terra” / Haru with Wayne Shorter
“MD Blew” / Victor Jones
“Tea Leaves” / Groove Thing
“Olympic Girls” / Bobby Hughes Combination

Next time, I’ll write about two other artists I’m playing. Watch for Two Trios – Hiromi and Robert Glasper.

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