New Classical-Jazz Collaborations: Yo-Yo Ma/Krall, Grusin/Ritenour, Perez/Ogerman

It’s not often that I see this: three new classical-jazz collaborations in less than a month.

This week, Amazon has an exclusive download of a new collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and Diana Krall. Two weeks ago, Decca released a new Dave Grusin and Lee Ritenour classical-jazz-folk collaboration, Amparo. It’s a follow-up to their 2000 classical-jazz recording Two Worlds. A week before that, Across the Crystal Sea, a Danilo Perez/Claus Ogerman recording came out.

I put them all in a carousel below so you can sample them (just click on the cover). I also added three other classical-jazz collaborations that immediately came to mind.

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