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LanuBamboos member Lanu (aka Lance Ferguson) has a solo release coming out. According to the press release, the music will be a fusion of latin, broken beat, hip-hop, and jazz. Sounds like something I’d play! Watch for it on March 6 (on Ubiquity in North America and on Tru Thoughts everywhere else).

Last summer, Guru posted on MySpace that Jazzmatazz Vol. 4 will be coming in early 2007. I haven’t seen anything else about it, but Guru did say that he was “in a powerful place mentally, spiritually and physically” and that this was “without a doubt some of my best music ever!” Some of the guests: David Sanborn, Ronny Jordan, Omar, and Blackalicious. Looking forward to hearing this.

Bob Belden and his band played Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew recording in concert in December and posted videos of it on YouTube. Belden has a portal there for “creative jazz videos.”

Haven’t got your fill of Weather Report songs done by a big band with the two Jaco Pastorius Big Band recordings? Joe Zawinul recorded some of his compositions with the WDR Big Band a while ago and the recording, titled Brown Street, is being released as a 2-disc set on February 27. Among the tracks: “Black Market,” “A Remark You Made,” and “In A Silent Way.”

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