JazzTimes Stops Publishing

In unsurprising but still disheartening news, JazzTimes has stopped publishing. According to the web site, print publishing will resume when a sale is closed. In today’s economy and with information being instantly available online, I don’t know how any niche magazines or newspapers are able to keep going. I’m especially baffled by Jazziz, whose high price is for a sampler CD? Who is paying for a sampler CD when you can sample full-length tracks on sites like Lala? Oops – just read that Jazziz is now quarterly. Their web site has its subscription link disabled. Will the venerable Down Beat (celebrating 75 years of publication!) be the last magazine standing?

Sadly, JazzTimes has stiffed some contributors. Howard Mandel wrote about this today. Here’s hoping those writers and photographers will be able to get their pay.

I started a discussion on jazz magazines last October. Feel free to drop by The Forum and share your thoughts.

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