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It’s rare that these two favorites of mine cross paths: graphic novels and jazz. It’s happening now with the forthcoming Jazz: Cool Birth, a jazz club murder mystery, from author/designer Gary Scott Beatty. “I hope to pull readers into the late night clubs of 1957, feeling the music through the visuals,” Beatty explains. “Jazz album typography fascinated me at an early age and album graphics are some of my earliest memories. I always loved the type, hand drawn and typeset, carefully kerned and arranged by hand. My mother still has many beautiful jazz albums and cool jazz was the soundtrack to my young life.”

Check out the preview page at Beatty’s Aazurn Publishing site. It really puts the graphic in graphic novel. This won’t be like any other book in my library.

You can order Jazz: Cool Birth right now through the Previews catalog, which can be obtained at your local comic book shop (find one near you) or through the Aazurn site.


  1. Well, it looks like “Jazz: Cool Birth” IS appearing in your local comic shop’s Previews catalog for preorder. There are now more preview pages of the book online to peruse at aazurn.com. Response to some review copies has been overwhelmingly positive, although people have been asking me to speak in Beat slang, and I have to tell them, “I can write it, but I sound kinda stupid saying it.” I hear somebody like my uncle Bill, a jazz piano man in his youth, when I write down the dialogue, dig?

    Xeric Grant Recipient and Recovering Musician Gary Scott Beatty

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