Day of Silence


Internet Radio Day of SilenceLive365, along with the SaveNetRadio coalition and Internet radio stations throughout the U.S., will be participating in a Day of Silence today, June 26th. All 10,000 Live365 stations, including tomorrowJazz Radio, will go silent. Every concerned company or individual that provides Internet radio are also taking part, including Yahoo!, Rhapsody, and MTV Online (see the list of the 50+ participants). This attention-garnering event is in reaction to the unreasonable hike in royalty fees enacted by the Copyright Royalty Board. The new rules nearly triple the royalty rates Web-based broadcasters must pay for music played over Internet radio stations. Read what I have to say about the importance of Internet radio. Visit and further educate yourself on the issue and what you can do. If the Day of Silence fails to get things turned around, it will be a lot longer than just a day that Internet radio will be silent.

Update: After debating this for some time, I decided not to go with all silence for VIP listeners. VIPs are Live365 subscribers who pay a small monthly fee to support tomorrowJazz Radio and enjoy commercial-free listening. As you can see on the playlist to your right, today’s programming for VIP listeners consists of tracks emphasizing silence interspersed with SaveNetRadio announcements. Broadcasters have been discussing whether to go silent for those who pay to listen. On the one hand, drastic action is necessary to get the royalty rate turned around. If it isn’t, it won’t matter if you’re a VIP listener or not as Live365 likely will not be able to survive. On the other hand, these listeners are already showing their support. This altered and shortened playlist was the compromise I reached.

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