Radio Fundraiser Update

Thanks to PayPal donations from Robin and Dan & Gina, and a gift certificate from Isaiah, plus a new high in rewards from VIP listeners and savings I’ve been keeping for this, Radio now only needs $150 to renew its annual fee to continue! As I posted previously, I pay an annual amount to to keep the station going. Live365 pays the music licensing fees to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. My annual payment is due March 27.

I know it’s the most difficult economic time I’ve seen in my lifetime. But I think there are 10 fans who can give $15 each to keep this going. That’s all it would take. Be one of the ten! Again, I’ve been saving for this so I wouldn’t have to ask for help. I’m still offering to send a CD to anyone who contributes at least $30.

A couple of years ago, when the royalty rate for Internet broadcasters was raised astronomically, I wrote about why I do the radio station (then called tomorrowJazz Radio). My desire to continue sharing music I enjoy has not changed and would like to continue. I hope you’ll consider donating. Here’s how.

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