Concord Gets the Word Out


John Luciano says that Concord Records is “about the only record company supporting jazz in a big way these days (thank God for an independent label).” The label distributes music from Heads Up (home of too numerous to mention contemporary jazz acts), Peak Records (home to a good number of contemporary jazz artists), Stretch Records (Chick Corea’s label), and others. The best-selling saxophonists in smooth jazz are on their roster – Kenny G and Boney James. The best thing about the label is that they successfully market their recordings. You can see and hear them – often on display – at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and other popular retailers who sell music. Their press releases are actually picked up by the press. A press release for Marcus Miller’s latest, Marcus, strives to promote the artist in addition to the recording, stating that he isn’t the “household name he should be.” Like John L. wrote in his review, I also haven’t paid attention to Kenny G for about 15 years but, due to media promotion, I know his new release is Latin-influenced. With the abundance of ways people can get news today, getting the word out where the greatest number of people can read it is difficult. Given that Concord is an independent label and no doubt has a tiny staff for jazz promotion, it’s all the more admirable. Congratulations to Concord’s team(s) for helping to keep contemporary jazz in the public eye.

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