John Hilderbrand

  • ECM’s Rarum Series


    Today marks the release of new CDs in the ECM :rarum (or “Selected Recordings”) series. The series allows the artists that have been on the famed label select what…

  • Goodbye To 2003


    Happy New Year! I wish you the best in 2004. Looking back on 2003 in modern jazz, one phrase sums is up: Trumpeters Gone Wild! It’s the year that…

  • New Yellowjackets CD


    Though they’ve recorded holiday music for a compilation and with Take 6, the Yellowjackets have never released an album of Christmas music. Get into the spirit early with Peace…

  • Ndegeocello Jazz Recording, Soulive and More News


    Spike Lee will direct the first video by Lizz Wright from her debut CD Salt. It happens to be my favorite song on the recording too “Open Your Eyes,…

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    Dance to Metheny


    This morning, I heard something familiar yet different. Nick Holder remixed Pat Metheny’s “Slip Away” classic into a danceable, electronica version called “Summer Daze”. The original single is out of…