Tribaljazz, Groove Collective, Greyboy Allstars!

TribaljazzDoors drummer John Densmore has co-founded the group Tribaljazz, which “blends and fuses improvisational jazz, beats and world music.” The band consists of two master African drummers, an upright bass player, a multi-instrumental percussionist, a pianist, and co-founder Art Ellis on flute and saxes. With a lineup like that, you know it’s interesting music. Densmore says “For thirty years, I’ve been saying I was a jazz drummer before I got into The Doors.” Tribaljazz has information on their site as well as audio clips and a video. . . I didn’t write about Groove Collective’s People People Music Music recording (released here in the U.S. earlier this year). Learn about it, and enjoy a good article (dated October 11, 2006) about the band, in the Prague Post. . . The Greyboy Allstars’ new release, What Happened to TV?, will be out in early 2007. It’s the original lineup: DJ Greyboy, Karl Denson, Robert Walter, Elgin Park, and Chris Stillwell.

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