Mambo Zombies and Their Supernatural Thing


Mambo ZombiesIt’s Friday the 13th, a day for bad luck, in a month where the U.S. observes Halloweeen, a day focused on scary and otherworldly things. It’s a perfect day to talk about Mambo Zombies! The Chicago group, primarily composed of flute/saxman Dez Desormeaux, drummer Luis Prieto Rosario, and keyboard master Jose Valdes, has put out a funky, jazzy, Latin-influenced release worthy of your attention. The guys brought their live vibe into the studio and the result is one of the most fun recordings I’ve heard this year. You can hear music from Mambo Zombies now on TomorrowJazz Radio. I’m playing their take on “Autumn In New York” and the memorable and very catchy “Supernatural Thing.” This latter track, my favorite on the release, is a great addition to any Halloween party.

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