Try It Out Trekkers – New Cool Collective

Big from New Cool CollectiveTry It Out Trekkers is a one-time variation of Try It Out Tuesdays in celebration of the opening of the new Star Trek movie. TIOT offers a free full MP3 of an artist. This New Cool Collective cut is from their big-band/acid jazz recording released about nine years ago called Big. The release also features other Trek-themed song titles like “For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky” and “SPKJ (Four Captains At Warpspeed)”.

Click the play button to hear “NCC 1701.” If you like what you hear, click the Shopping Cart icon to buy it from

Current from Jack BroadNew Cool Collective – NCC 1701 Radio Online Until 2010!

Thanks to a special donation from Carl, Radio will be online for another year! I’m excited to be able to continue to play my favorite acid jazz, nu jazz, remixed jazz, jazzy house, and similar styles for you. With the addition of Sean Miller’s Jazz Pulse program on Sunday nights (8 p.m. CST) and some possible future shows, the station will better than ever. Thanks also to Dan and Gina, Isaiah, Robin, and my wife. I wouldn’t have been able to continue without your contributions.

Chill Jazz Sessions

Music Brokers has issued a number of compilations that have some of my favorite acid jazz/nu jazz/chill tracks. This is their latest, Chill Jazz Sessions, which has more goodness. Check out some sounds: