Have you heard the new Soulive live recording? It is smokin’! I loved the Next CD, which sounded like it was recorded live in the studio. The cuts I’ve heard from the live recording further show their ability to generate excitement. The buildups on the solos, as well as the overall musicianship, make this the CD to buy if you’ve never sampled the band before.

Garrett, Sanborn Reviews

Kenny GarrettI’ve written reviews of the latest releases by two of modern jazz’s best known saxophonists. Kenny Garrett has recorded ten albums in the last 11 years. Where is he at today? Check out my review of his new Standard of Language. David Sanborn hasn’t released a solo recording in over four years. His new timeagain may not be what you expect. Read my review to see if it was worth the wait.

Dance to Metheny

This morning, XM’s The Move was playing something familiar yet different. Nick Holder remixed Pat Metheny’s “Slip Away” classic into a danceable, electronica version called “Summer Daze”. The original single is out of print, but you can still get listen to the music without importing it. A version of it on a compilation set called NRK Singles Collection 4. You can order this through Purchasing it through that link will benefit (the site receives a small credit for items sold).

Metheny Bits

Pat Metheny - One Quiet NightPat Metheny’s solo baritone guitar CD, One Quiet Night, has been pushed back a couple of weeks. Though still listed almost everywhere as coming out on Tuesday, the street date is now May 27. Pat covers Norah Jones’ solo hit “Don’t Know Why” and his own “Last Train Home” among his musical musings. Also, catch Pat Metheny on tour this year with his trio of Christian McBride and Antonio Sanchez.

Two Bits of News

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly (#709, with Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman on the cover) reviews the Garage a Trois CD. It’s a good review, and Emphasizer earns a B+. Nice to see this adventurous jazz project get a mention in a high-profile publication.

Obviously, I don’t read the tabloids. Diana Krall and Elvis Costello are getting married. I didn’t even know they were dating. I guess I’ll read about that next week in Entertainment Weekly…